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Can we have a conversation my local health dept, school district, and county commissioners refuse to have?

Also, can we pause and have a chuckle over the fact that I somehow am now being perceived as a “puritan prude, repressed, sex denying, retrogressive?” Talk about people with no self awareness, no powers of observation, armed with nothing but slogans and foolishness.

Anyway, these graphics are being openly advocated for by our local health dept, brought into our school health clinic, and posted on facebook by the county website. Because who doesn’t want to explain to your 12 YEAR OLD what a rim job is? How to wear a dental dam during oral sex? The joys of juveniles and online sexting, the intriguing world of the deep web and pedophilia? BDSM, sex trafficking, pornography? How about snuff porn? Maybe we should talk about all the people who actually believe sex with children should just be deemed a lifestyle choice??

Sigh. I’m actually not a puritan prude, I just really think we should leave the kids alone, I think we are grooming them into sexual perversions that they don’t understand, making them exceedingly vulnerable to sexual predators, undermining parental authority, teaching them that their bodies are commodities available to the highest bidder, and leading them to believe that their entire identity is sexually defined, that their only worth and value is to be found in their sexual availability.

There was a tiny bit of pushback, a smattering of people have been writing letters, objecting, bringing it up at the commissioners meetings, but they’ve just doubled down, they made statements that they fully support this stuff and have no intention of having any sort of dialog or addressing anyone’s concerns.

For those who don’t know, some 90% of the sexual behavior that kids engage in is with much older adults, in what would legally be defined as statutory rape. Teen pregnancies, abortions, almost always involve older men and sexual exploitation. It is exceedingly rare that two 12 yr olds start consensually playing around with dental dams, rim jobs, and web chat platforms for sexting.

I want people to wake up, I want the scales to fall off their eyes, I want people to see what is happening, I want us to stop the stupidity, but mostly I just want us to care about kids, about the need to protect their innocence, their identity, their sense of self worth.

I remember when that wasn’t even controversial, when we all understood.