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Ha! I just love the Holy Spirit. I can be so dark and gloomy, all confused, full of angst, misery, and woe, ready to just tell people to get off my lawn, and the Lord will say something so simple like, are you eschewing evil? Why yes, yes I am! What a refreshing drink of water that revelation was! Not only am I right on schedule, I am right where I am called to be. Doing exactly what I was designed to do.

I love that word eschewing. I cannot “hate” it just makes me bitter, cynical and rots my soul, but I sure can eschew, or shoo it all away if you prefer.

I am just up to my neck in evil right now and doing my best to shoo it all away.

The photo by the way is real, it is Wenatchee high school band practice. This is one of many foolish and disturbing things going on in my world. The other day I got tangled up with my mask and glasses and managed to put my mask over my eyes, my glasses over my mouth, and I thought, this is really quite sensible! I do not want to see all the all the things I am seeing right now. Just wake me up when it’s over.

I should mention that Wenatchee is on the more right leaning side of the state. This is where you flee and seek refugee status, peace when the blue dot of the cartoon rabbit hole has totally overwhelmed you, except apparently we’re just all mad now.

So, even in the midst of the crazy, God is at work. I know this because He is clearly at work in me.

This is pure evil, folks. How we are treating one another is evil. The damage we are doing to our children is immeasurable. The psychological harm that comes from treating people as if they have cooties, as if they are a potential serial killer, a contaminant is phenomenal, significant, far reaching. Worse, they are learning that those around them are complete idiots, unworthy to protect them, powerless, foolish, and that the things they thought they could count on no longer exist. We are not creating a kinder, gentler world that cares about grandma, we are writing some dystopian science fiction, the stuff of nightmares.

Heck, that’s what it’s all doing to me! Young people are even more vulnerable to the messaging.

It’s really evil and I’m angry about what is happening to people.