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I snagged this little meme because I thought it was quite delicious. “I Seem To Be a Verb” is the title of a book he wrote many years ago that opened my eyes to the idea that people could be parts of speech and that you can actually use them to diagram sentences, which just explains everything. I am laughing, no he did not say that, it is just something I learned from him when he self identified as a verb.

So what makes this meme so delicious? It is just what my soul needs at the moment. It is the truth. I’ve tried to follow this idea, however poorly, for most of my life because that is precisely how it works.

Fighting “existing reality” as a means of change seldom works, it is often completely ineffective. This applies to so many different things in life. If you want to give up a bad habit or lose weight, it’s often best to work towards building, “a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Replace the bad with something better until you are now so full of “something better,” there isn’t any room for the bad habit that used to live there.

The world I suppose, could be called, “existing reality,” and perhaps even labeled a, ” bad habit.” I am really tired of standing on a green social distancing dot, wearing a muzzle, and playing dystopian pandemic larp. So, so sick of it! I am really tired of grieving over what is being done to people, to their mental health, the loss of their livelihoods, addiction, suicide rates, isolated children. To add to my distress, so few people seem to understand or to care about what is happening to those all around them. For many, this has been a staycation in a fancy home with a fixed retirement income, and the fact that people are now suffering from something far worse than this virus, doesn’t even occur to them.

I am also so disgusted by Pravda News Network that keeps bringing us heartwarming stories about Dear Leader and the way we have gone from shrieking about “caged children” to praising the “glorious, humanitarian, accommodations” of the precise same facility. It’s all about the adjectives, folks. Gaslighting at it’s finest. Spoon fed reality, like prepackaged calories devoid of nutrients.

My soul is going in two directions, wanting to just ignore it all, to block out existing reality, pretend it isn’t there, and just focus on heavenly things, versus having a need to speak the truth, to declare “no, this is not right.” Something is all awry down here and it is not well with my soul. I am not at peace with any of it. This is not right! I wear a mask under great duress. I am not on board with mrna vaccines. I do not approve of what is happening, and I certainly don’t trust all the half asleep zombies or worse, the eager ones who are delighted to be promoting a phony agenda and hopeful they will be granted a gold star, a pat on the head for their superior compliance and endless policing.

So, I am just embracing the paradox, doing a little of both at the same time, attempting to ignore everything going on around me and building a new model that makes the existing one obsolete, while sometimes pausing to call out what is all wrong in the current scenario.

By the way if you want to know where all the power is in the sentence diagram, it rests in the hands of the prepositions. I am not a verb, not a noun, not even an adjective, I am a preposition. We are words used to express spatial or temporal relations and we have the power to change the entire story. Never underestimate those tiny little words, they make all the difference, they provide the entire context, they add the power and they completely change the dimension we are living in, such as being, “IN the world but not OF the world.”

Nothing really matters, not the world, not our circumstances, not how we self identify, nor all our busy doing, all that really matters is where you are positioned in our Father’s heart. The most important word in the Bible is the very first one, “IN.” Are you in? Are you IN for an adventure? Are you written IN the Lamb’s Book of Life? Are you IN Christ Jesus and He IN you? Where you are positioned tells the whole story. Let the Lord IN and He will diagram your sentences, or order your steps, if you prefer.

So, today I am celebrating a bit of prepositional superiority and delighting in how wonderfully and fearfully made we really are.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com