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Sorry no, this is not a post on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of deploying mrna vaccines into the general population. I am not launching that argument at the moment because that is not an argument I want to win.

“Genetic fallacies” are also not about generational curses, but rather about the origins of arguments. It’s a distraction from the essence of the truth being presented, as in shooting the messenger. As if to say, the truth is not the truth because the man presenting it is a complete nutjob. That may well be quite true, but if you smell smoke and see flames, the attic is actually on fire, a truth that is not dependent on the past history of the man reporting it.

Genetic fallacies can go in a more positive direction too, as in I know it’s true because 4 out of five Harvard graduates said so and since Harvard graduates know everything it must be true. Genetic fallacies can be positive and just as false, just as much of a diversion from the truth as simply executing the messenger outright. The other day my hubby reasoned, we have no groundhogs here, so groundhogs predicting the weather is an exclusively East coast thing and completely irrelevant to how much winter we on the farther coast shall experience. Then he promptly declared we’re going into an early spring.

Isn’t he brilliant? That’s surprisingly brilliant. Nevermind the silliness of groundhogs overall and assorted other issues, if you want to know the truth of the weather and climate, it is best to simply look out the window in your neck of the woods and check to see if any buds are forming, any plants poking their heads up. A bit amusing how we go and hand our own moral authority over to a rodent every year. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, it’s just a somewhat silly and obvious genetic fallacy.

Genetic fallacies are on my mind today because I think our culture is just marinating in them, something that has become even more pronounced since social media came onto the scene and began to take over our lives. Cancel culture is actually a form of a genetic fallacy, as is big tech censorship, as is stamping “science” on things, as if that somehow makes it right and true. There’s a bazillion different types of genetic fallacies, but they all serve to distract you from the truth, to introduce a diversion, to create deception. A wee bit of knowledge about how they work is a really valuable tool for tearing down those walls that get in the way of getting what you need. “Getting what you need” is a way of saying finding the truth or at least the part of the truth that you personally may need at any particular moment.

Recently Joe Biden flat out excused some real atrocities being committed by the Chinese as if they were simply “cultural differences,” as such something we should probably be more open minded about. It was a pretty astounding case of woah-speak and the synchophants have been all over it. One such comment was, “Biden won’t get everything right…. but if you believe we need to make America GOOD again, he’s coming from a place of decency and integrity that is paramount and consequential.”

Complete genetic fallacy. Also, a bunch of totally irrelevant gobblygook.

I just love how Jesus Himself says, “why do you call me good? There is none good but the Father.” There are many reasons why He says it, one perhaps being to demonstrate His Divinity, as if to say, if I am good it is only because the Father and I are one. But more simply, I often just cling to His question, I often hear His literal words in my head when someone is telling me how good they are, as if to say, why are you even saying this? What is the purpose? Whether one is good or bad has no basis on the truth! Also, according to the Bible, “there are none righteous, not one,” so one’s alleged goodness (or lack thereof) is a genetic fallacy right off the bat.

Kind of the ultimate genetic fallacy if one pictures a garden long ago. Any perceived goodness today is simply the result of Christ in me, much like the way Jesus modeled for us when He Himself said, “there is none good but the Father.”

I hope that makes some kind of sense. So, when one is “coming from a place of decency and integrity that is paramount and consequential,” that is really nothing more than sinking sand and it amounts to a hill of beans, jumping beans, invisible ones that sparkle with unicorn dust.