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So, Pastor Wilson is sort of addressing Marxism, classism, racism, in a post called, “And So Children Let’s Review”

First let me say, I believe Kyle Howard already implied I was a misogynist and white supremist of some sort months ago before promptly blocking me, so as a claim to fame that really doesn’t mean much. It’s kind of like Oprah passing out free bath salts, and you get a free gift, and you get a free gift, and you get a free gift…

Meh. Wutevers.

However, I also have the fine distinction of having been blocked by Pastor Wilson, too! So you see, the critical theory intersectional Christians are just as terrified of what I might say as the misogynistic, white supremists are. Which brings me to my primary point, what’s with all the fear?? Fear is a liar, always, and has no place in a Christian’s life. We all experience it but I mean, we shouldn’t let it rule over us. When you are afraid to engage in a civil and truthful conversation with a Christian mom and grandma, while far away and tucked safely behind your keyboard, well, I can think of several uncharitable words that apply and they all rhyme with arrogance and pride.

So here’s my deal, I am infinitely frustrated by the gap between the rich and the poor, by the fact that the system is so infinitely corrupt and broken that the old ways don’t work anymore. Like, work hard, save your money, and we’ll reward you with the….. right to enter a higher tax bracket and live in your car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed dishes with people who have college degrees. I can’t tell you how many families of five I’ve known packed into a camper and the highlight of their week is getting to go take showers. A huge problem with Republicans and conservatives is that they are so old, and by “old” I don’t mean disrespect, I mean born post war during a time when you actually could work hard, save your money, and buy a house for about 20 grand.

It’s not their fault, they simply can’t say anything but, “get a job,” because in their world, that’s how you fix things. Actually, that’s how you fix everything.

I talked to a millennial the other day and confessed, I really have no idea how to do life anymore. Like, you are absolutely right, the system is all broken. The problem being, a guaranteed minimum income and more socialism, more government meeting our basic needs will lead us farther into breadlines, starvation, extreme poverty, and a keen awareness that Soylent Green is people. Why? Because government is always impersonal, and run by flawed people who Do. Not. Care. About. You. That is a one bad boyfriend and we have centuries worth of documentation and mass graves to prove it. It is not as if I have just pulled this truth out of my hat, it is a well documented truth, science even.

Even in America today the poorest people are the ones under the care of our government. Go visit a Native American reservation or an inner city housing project. Very few ever escape those plantations. They have a guaranteed minimum wage and it’s guaranteed to stay minimum and guaranteed to stay barely liveable.

My point being, we need to throw out our talking points, let go of our fun labels like “commie” and “racist,” and get about the business of actually talking to one another, solving problems, caring for people. Especially in a Christian context. We are like, commanded to love our neighbor, and when we can’t even chat calmly about the issues that affect us, we have just descended into foolishness, and failed at our calling.

I rather like to watch these various Christian men lament the vast ignorance of the other side having absolutely no self awareness or recognition of how unkind, dismissive and hostile, they’ve actually been towards me.

So, on this cheery winter day, I’ve put my feet up by the fire and kicked back, keenly aware that all refusals to address and deal with classism, eventually just result in the peasants revolting. And in case anyone doesn’t know, the peasants are revolting, indeed. It turns out that packing your family into a camper and living without electricity while one side just screams at you to “get a job” and the other side just scream “unity” is so not a winning strategy.

If anyone ever wants to chat or dream about solving the world’s problems, let me know. It’s mostly futile, but sometimes you do grow and learn, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord, and as far as I’m concerned that pretty much what it’s all about.

Photo by Baihaki Hine on Pexels.com