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For those who have no idea what I am speaking of, Time Magazine published an election fraud confession discussing how democracy was subverted that was quite staggering in it’s hubris and spin. I’m not going to link to it on account of the fact that life is too short to drink bad coffee and sensible people everywhere should just avoid such things. Naturally I did not avoid it, since I do not always follow my own great advice.

Basically it is a postmortem, or one of those, look, something is really wrong here, I feel vaguely unsettled about what happened, and we need to get our stories straight. If anyone asks here’s what we’re going to say….It’s kind of like one of those country songs, “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The word of the day is “fortify,” as in I didn’t steal anything, I made a midnight raid into your storehouse in order to fortify my own supplies. I wasn’t cattle rustling, I was simply “fortifying” my own herd. Being short on cash, we decided to walk into a bank with guns and fortify our cash flow. We didn’t subvert democracy and bypass the will of the people, we just fortified the election so as to force and mandate the only acceptable outcome, our desired result.

There is nothing new under the sun. I suppose this fortify rubbish has been going on since forever, so it’s not even an original deception, not even a creative lie, but it still took my breath away with it’s implied moral justification. It wasn’t just making excuses, it was calling good evil and evil good. Not only did we “fortify the election,” you should be happy we did and thank us, perhaps even give us a medal, or a Nobel Peace Prize.

Apparently the ends justify the means.

And who is this “We” who went about fortifying things? An elite cabal, across all parties, kind of like the illuminati. On my side of the tracks we would just call them “The Swamp.” The Swamp creatures who profit off of maintaining power and control over our government. Like rich and powerful people aren’t the proud owners of several US Congresscritters….

So here’s what I’d like to see people do, fortify themselves with the truth. Government does not exist as a benevolent force with a servant’s heart, that just wants to do what’s best for the little people. Believe it or not, just saying that today is somewhat controversial, and I am astounded, because back in the day, left, right, anarchist and rebel, everybody pretty much had that same baseline, that same understanding that the government is not necessarily your friend. In fact, the government often fortifies its own self off the fruit of your labors, and if you haven’t got any fruit, you’ll serve as a commodity of an even more tragic sort.

I can’t fix it, but my heart is breaking over just one word, that word “fortify” and how so much evil has often been packed into it, everything from handing out small pox blankets to “fortify” Native Americans, to “fortifying” evil dictators in the name of foreign policy. I could give thousands of other examples but then we’ll just argue over the details and start to justify the atrocities and miss the point entirely.

Some people are mad at me, some people think I am so politically incorrect, so uninformed, such an embarrassment to all decent government loving folks everywhere, but it is what it is, I am what I am, and my opinions are based on a heap of wisdom, experience, and observation, not cultism, not brainwashing, and not conspiracy theories.