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Woot! Praise the Lord! I’ve always known that God has boundaries, but recently that’s been reaffirmed, validated some more, and so I just feel like celebrating Him, celebrating the wonders of His design and how good it all is.

So “boundaries” is kind of a generic word with many layers of definition, some tangible and some more emotional and spiritual. They can be physical like a fence line, or they can be more like some structure that brings order to my emotional chaos. I have always loved people who have lots of good boundaries. They are safe, you can relax around them, and they are taking care of themselves so you don’t have to.

I think I tend to value people with strong boundaries so much because I am an over functioner often surrounded by a lot of dysfunction, so if you are going down the highway with an unsecured load dumping garbage out the back of your truck, I’m probably the one behind you trying to bob and weave around all the piles you’re leaving in the road.

There’s a definition of “meek” that I really like, meekness is strength restrained. Sometimes we get that all mixed up and equate “meek” with “weak.” Meekness is patient restraint, long suffering, self control, power in check. Meek people are awesome because they are really strong, and yet they don’t go tearing through the place like a bull in a china shop. I think we can say that God is meek. He has no limits, He can do whatever He wants, He is all powerful, but He is also very gentle with us. Matthew says, “…for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

The Lord is not afraid of your mess. You can’t intimidate Him, He’s not scared of you, and you don’t have to walk on eggshells and tip toe around His feelings. He is not easily offended, He has already seen it all, and so you are not going to shock Him, surprise Him, or catch Him off guard.

Believe it or not, I can be very bold sometimes, like a bull in china shop. Whenever I start to get scared about something out in the world, the Lord likes to whisper to me, Uh yeah, remember that time you marched up to the Creator of the universe Himself and promptly informed Him He was wrong about everything? You can’t fool me, you aren’t scared of anything. True story, I have actually done that a few times.

I highly recommend going to God with your troubles long before you are half hysterical, armed for bear, and ready to take out a small country, but either way, it’s all good, because God has boundaries. He is safe to turn to in times of trouble. He can protect Himself and He can protect you. He can handle whatever you throw at Him. You do have to stop shrieking and soften your heart in order to hear Him respond, but you are simply not powerful enough to rattle His cage in that manner.

I am laughing here, but some of my favorite words really are found in Romans 3, “Certainly not! Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written: “That You may be justified in Your words, And may overcome when You are judged.”

Over the years I’ve calmed down a lot, I’ve built trust with the Lord, I’ve gotten to know His nature better and so I am far more reverent today, far more affectionate and filled with adoration, but I have gone boldly before the throne of grace and said things like, you know this “you reap what you sow” thing? I ain’t buying it. And the Lord has simply said, Okay beloved, let me help with that.