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I just want to honor Pastor Randy today and share his sweet words because they are filled with good stuff for your soul that makes life easier. I tend to be the kind of person that needs a lot of good stuff for my soul to help make life easier.

So Pastor Randy wrote, “The Three Most Important Words. . .in times like these.” Read it, it’s great.

Somebody smart once said, “everybody wants to change the world, but nobody ever wants to change themselves.”

I often tell people to “be selfish” which is an odd thing to say in Christianity and seldom goes over very well. First, you need to understand that me and many other women of my mindset have absolutely no issue with putting the needs of others first until we are all but chewed up, spit out, and erased ourselves. We are not “selfish” at all, we are often so other centered we have wrecked the car on the far side of the opposite ditch. That’s not healthy, that’s not what God wants. I mention women and I’m thinking moms, nurses, caregivers, co-dependants, but another group who often land in this same pothole are pastors.

We give to others from over flow, from excess, from what we have received from the Lord ourselves that now spills over onto others. God has made a tremendous investment in you, you are His conduit, and so putting Him and your own self first is critical. “I need help,” not all those other people around you. I, me, my relationship with the Lord.

This is just as true in our personal lives as it is in our politics. We sure don’t fix problems by focusing exclusively on what the other guy is doing.