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Everything you wanted to know about Christian Nationalism, and more.

“What is Christian Nationalism?”

Seriously I thought this article was excellent, concise and to the point. You should read it.

I just want to address one point which can be summed up in his observation, “If you’ve read recent evangelical leaders, then you would think that nationalism was the embodiment of evil along with Trump and his supporters.”

Yep, absolutely! I’m angry, I’m feeling betrayed, and I sure don’t want to hold hands and sing kumbaya with any “evangelical thought leaders” right now. I just feel the need to say that, to make it known, because I don’t think I’m alone, and those betrayals from people who should have your back, can be really painful.

Very few of these people have any idea who I even am, but like everyone else in the blogosphere and on Twitter, I’ve read their fiery little darts, dodged their endless anti-Trump venom, and endured their petulant demands that people must choose between Jesus and their country. I’ve felt disrespected, dehumanized, and dishonored, by those who are supposed to be my brothers and sisters.

And it is so good! Laughing here, but I really mean it. Seriously, the Lord has used those experiences and done work within me that is just extraordinary. It is incredible on so many different levels. I not only understand some things better, but I am really feeling good, too!

Not once has the Lord said to me, You shouldn’t be so judgy. You just need to forgive them. Or, you should repent. Nope, not once! Instead He has taught me that when people insist you change your matters of conscience to accommodate their demands and expectations, walk away because those aren’t your people.

I’ve also learned that people who act as if you must earn their favor with your thought compliance or risk the rejection and revenge of their cancel culture, sure aren’t walking in the Father’s love.

As he puts it so perfectly in the article, Christian nationalism is simply, “a right ordering of loves and commitments that flow out of the natural design of the world.”