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Haven’t had much time for blogging this week, but I have been following what’s been happening politically and the mess in DC. So first off, spare me the pearl clutching. I’ve been subjected to a year of riots, the occupied Chaz zone, choking wildfire smoke, and insane leadership all busy re-living their “summer of love.” That doesn’t even includes insane lockdowns, collapsed businesses, forced muzzles, and excessive verbal abuse. Deplorables-R Us. Don’t even try talking to me about the alleged “armed insurrection” and how offended you are by what went on in DC. Every time I hear this pathetic form of virtue signaling, I just throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Call me crazy, but I am proud of what most people at the capital did, not just in DC, but in many state capitals all over the country. I’m not ashamed, embarrassed, or regretful. It’s a tragedy that a woman was killed in DC and my heart goes out to her family, but other than that sad event, well done patriots! It is truly amazing that hundreds of thousands of Americans can be abused and silenced for so long, be so angry about what has been done to us, and yet we still manage to come together in a relatively peaceful manner. I’m not embarrassed, I’m proud of this country and the heart of the people who live here.

For those congresscritters pearl clutching about how they they’ve never been so scared in their life, try going without a paycheck for 7 months, you pathetic losers. You wouldn’t know “scared” if it came up and bit you in the behind. Oh, and thanks for the 600 bucks. I guess for only 1.64 a day, less than the price of a cup of coffee, you too can support an American.

But enough about politics, the heart of the issue is one I began addressing four years ago. Contrary to popular internet misconceptions, I am not a “hateful extremist” nor an “evangelical Republican.” I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, just that it doesn’t really describe me. In fact, I set out to try to figure out where the gap was, the division. Like for example, four years ago I wrote about how I loved Trump, but Mike Pence on that ticket was darn near a deal breaker. I couldn’t stand him then and my feelings haven’t changed! Why does it matter? Because much of the resistance to President Trump came from the evangelical Republican side. Never mind the false media narrative, half the pop culture Christians in this country are so woke, they make the SBC look downright conservative. The other half looked at Trump and recoiled in horror, not seeing the heart of the man, but only seeing his many marriages and rough language.

Mike Pence was their kind of people, but Donald Trump was mine. That’s the real division in this country within Christianity.

Christians are my brothers and sisters so I like to investigate these kind of divisions, try to find some common ground, try to understand. I’m an outsider, politically homeless for sure because I am so not a Republican loyalist. That certainly does not mean I’m a Democrat by default. I think they’re all pretty much a corrupt cabal of elitist insiders who don’t care about those they serve at all. But I’m not just politically homeless, I’m often Christian homeless, too. Same exact problem, I think they’re all pretty much an elitist cabal of insiders who don’t care about those they serve. I haven’t had a formal membership in a church in 30 years.

This is not a tale of woe by any means. In fact, I’ve never been so grateful to be an outsider in my entire life! Jesus calls us to be set apart and it enables me to observe, free of the pull and seduction of the inner ring, the people favor, the in-group preferences.

However, I do want to say one more thing. Christian people, from Doug Wilson to Russell Moore, from Thabiti Anyabwile to Beth Moore, from “Christianity Today” to Karen Swallow Prior, from Big Eva to John MacArthur, y’all need to listen to the heart of the people more, maybe think about whose will you are actually serving. Because love, him or hate him, Donald Trump inspired my faith, addressed my needs, and made me feel heard and welcomed in a way you guys never have.

And I’m not alone! 85% of the Christians in my area are actually the unchurched church, the working class, the salt of the Earth, the heart and soul of this country. We sure aren’t represented by our political leadership… or our spiritual leadership apparently, but we’re here to stay, so get used to us.