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It’s time for the annual State of the Blog! WordPress used to send me a tidy little report, complete with fireworks and everything, but now I have to go traipsing through the abyss to collect the data myself.

If there is one thing I am good at it is traipsing through the abyss, so all’s well that ends well…..

In 2020 we had 97,485 page views and 6299 comments. Visitors came from all over the world, the US, UK, and Canada, followed closely by India. I am also quite delighted to have so many visitors from Nigeria, Russia, and the Philippines. I’m very grateful for all the visitors from around the world, coming from more countries than I can even count. Thank you for a wonderful year of good conversation.

I wrote 378 posts in 2020, amounting to 233,518 words. I’m rather proud of that on account of the fact that it has actually gone down. I’m writing less but engaging with people more and that was one of my goals, so mission accomplished.

The most popular search terms that landed some unfortunate souls on the blog were, Β dr. kelly victory. ” The second was, “teaching men to be emotionally honest,” and the 3rd was, “the irish spring red head.” As you can see, “biology” is a vast subject and I like to cover ALL aspects of it. Sadly the link is broken to the post with the Irish Spring gal in it, so someone was probably disappointed. I did mange to retrieve the photo however, so here you are.

I don’t really have a blogging vision for 2021, beyond carpe narratio. Seize the story! I started blogging six years ago because I had no where to share what concerned me, no one to talk about the issues that bothered me, and no where to really share my faith. I do now, so I’m really grateful for the blogging world, for being able to take the reins away from mediated reality and to write the truth as I see it, rather then as I am told to see it.

So, a toast to the blogging world and 2021!