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An odd subject for the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, but I am just in the mood to box some fears, and this being a biology blog and all, that means boxing biology fears. So trigger alert, because this is not a post full of sunshine and rainbows.

I don’t particularly like the idea of mass vaccination programs, mrna vaccines that tinker with the proteins in your cells, nor am I at ease with totalitarian public health depts dominating our lives. I am deeply disappointed in so many people who seem to have no memory at all of small pox blankets given to Native Americans. No awareness of the grave harm done to people at the start of the polio vaccine and all those kids on iron lungs? Nor do most people seem to have pictures of dozens of thalidomide babies burned into their brains. The Tuskegee experiment hardly registers anymore. It’s as if women where not once sterilized, hysterectomies and lobotomies routinely performed to prevent hysteria. It’s like the Nazi’s never even conducted public health experiments on hapless victims.

It’s as if the truth of our history as a people and the horrors of the institution of medicine don’t even exist in the public conscience anymore. “Public health” can be especially vile because even when they are being somewhat benevolent, their job is still to herd cats, which often means the truth must be buried and kept out of the conversation. That is why so many people today don’t realize that vaccine injuries are a real thing, that real people, healthy people, have suffered life altering consequences and permanent disabilities from our attempts to prevent disease.

Don’t tell me it’s very “rare,” we have a death rate from corona that falls in the “rare” category and we’ve gone shut down thee entire world.

Dolly, for those who don’t know was our first cloned sheep, kind of a media darling paraded about to show how advanced and miraculous science can be. Not really shown to us were her 300 older sisters, the biological disasters that didn’t make the cloning cut. Baby lambs, hapless collateral damage in our quest to create, clone, and rule over life. Dolly looking all perfect and pretty, is actually standing on a pile of genetically malformed mutant sheep who came before her.

Mary Shelley who wrote “Frankenstein” was a prophetess, I tell ya. That is a greatly under-appreciated bit of literature. To this day so many still don’t realize that the pop culture monster with the bolt in his neck, wasn’t the “monster” at all, wasn’t the one she called “Frankenstein” at all. The monster was Dr Frankenstein, the man who would stitch together spare parts from assorted corpses in his quest to conquer death through science.

I don’t fear the Frankenstein creature, I fear his maker, the way great evil can so easily cloak itself behind alleged virtue and good intentions. I don’t really fear disability or death, or a biological catastrophe, nearly as much as I fear what lurks in the hearts of men. Total depravity is a real thing, the number of agendas swirling about, greed, power, martyr syndrome, control, world domination, lies, these are all tangible things, well documented, woven throughout our history. Evident in human nature.

I get myself into all sorts of trouble carrying on about total depravity, the tea in our tulips. The thing is, the fact that the world is broken and people are depraved is not intended to just make individual people feel bad about themselves, it’s a way of lifting the scales off our own eyes so we can see the world a bit more clearly, a bit more wisely.

Here’s a terrible truth, one that often frightens me, but our leadership is not terribly smart, nor are they particularly benevolent, nor do they necessarily even know what they are doing. “Science” is not a thing that you can or should put your faith in, it is simply a tool we can use to observe the world around us.

One million people, probably more now, but at least a million people have now been injected with an experimental mrna vaccine for a disease with a 99.68% survival rate, a disease sometimes so asymptomatic you must be tested to know if you even have it. A disease made so huge by media hyperbole and projected algorithms it has shut down the whole world.

That scares me in a way this virus never has.

Oh, and let’s not forget, this is not an antibody vaccine, in the sense that it doesn’t have dead or live virus in it at all, it is an mrna vaccine. It affixes a protein to your cells. We still have to wear masks, we still have to stay locked down, we still can get sick, we can still carry the virus to others. Yes, at least a million people have now taken a vaccine with unknown side effects that at best will reduce the symptoms of a disease often so asymptomatic, you have to be tested to know if you have it, and we still aren’t even sure if actually having it produces any kind of immunity! A 99.68 survival rate. So how are we supposed to know if the vaccine is even working??

It doesn’t even make sense and apparently as a culture at large we’re now too brainwashed to bother to ask any questions. That scares me. I’m now riding shotgun into some kind of weird dystopian sci/fi nightmare that doesn’t even make sense.