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Man, do I hate that line, “there are two sides to every story.” It works great if you’re debating something like, “are lima beans good?” Or perhaps, “should we paint the trim white?” When it comes to critical issues however, that is one vile statement.

“I think cannibalism should be discouraged.” Yeah, well you know, there’s two sides to every story. Maybe you should just take other people’s needs and lifestyle choices into consideration, not be so judgy? I mean, where’s your compassion?

It fits right in with, “we need to be fair to everyone.” Gah! Hate it.

Both of these lines are a promise that you care more about people favor than you do about standing up for what is right. Both of them mean the precise opposite of how they sound, they are actually a proclamation that you are not planning to be fair at all and that the truth is going to become the first casualty, collateral damage in a quest to ride the fence and not alienate anyone.

I have very little experience with people standing up for the truth and willing to let go of the idea that “there must be two sides to every story” or that, “we need to be fair to all sides.” That’s not a call for sympathy, it’s a symptom of the times, it’s a result of culture, perhaps made a bit more extreme due to being trapped in this really dark blue dot. I mean, I have complained about violence, people stealing all your stuff, violating all your rights, and heard, Yeah but there’s two sides to every story and we really need to be fair to both sides, like the actively using drug addicts who are now homeless. Sheesh lady, why do you hate the homeless?

There once was this woman in active addiction, sadly she overdosed and died, but she was just obnoxious, harassing people on streets, blocking business doorways and not letting people in, grabbing you when you got out of your car. They called it “aggressive panhandling,” as if it were justified and as if everyone forced to endure her dysfunction just wasn’t empathetic enough. As if “aggressive panhandling” where an actual thing and not just a fancy term for extortion, mugging, or robbery.

I grieve that woman because bleeding hearts actually killed her. She needed intervention, confrontation, and somebody willing to stand up for the truth and say “No. You’re totally out of control.” She actually died of compassion, twisted empathy, and enabling.

I used to want to win hearts and minds, try to come to some kind of consensus, “work things out.” Maybe if I just explained it to them? Maybe if I just compromised and negotiated…..

There’s this never ending mantra too, and it sounds something like, just respect his pronouns it won’t hurt anything, just make space for gay marriage it doesn’t affect you, and just wear the stupid mask. It doesn’t cost you anything, it might help, it’s only temporary……

Those are all lies. Every last one of them.

Respect my unwillingness to constantly swallow lies and make space for the fact that I believe the truth matters. Not only that, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are some hills worth dying on.