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Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to just having a quiet day at home, perhaps watching an old movie, counting my blessings, and lounging around in pajamas with hubby. Alas, our Governor decided to ban Thanksgiving and so obviously I am now compelled to make a real production out of it. Or rather, the men in our family seem to be compelled. I am simply along for the ride. No complaints at all, they are fabulous cooks and good company. I am just a wee bit amused by the fact that banning Thanksgiving was like sending out a clarion call to now cook two turkeys, a ham, bring even more of the family together, and to be extra special grateful.

I am indeed, extra special grateful. I am grateful for my family, and for my church family. What a sweet little church! Oh my gosh. I am just blown away. Pretty sure that’s where Jesus goes to church.

I’m also really grateful for my blogging family, for the wealth of information and the support and encouragement we often provide one another. I am even grateful for some of the spats we have! Some of those conflicts, at least with the people I respect who are actually willing to engage, have been so incredibly fruitful.

I’m grateful I have some readers willing to endure my endless ramblings, too! It is dark and scary in my brain sometimes and you should definitely bring a flashlight. Maybe even a weapon of some kind.

I am exceedingly grateful that 2020 has not even been my worst year. Memes about the horrors of 2020 are quite popular right now and while they make me laugh, I am keenly aware that I have gone through much, much worst and came out on the other side, relatively intact even. In fact I am rather confident I was made for such a time as this and much of what I have already experienced has trained me for these dark nights of winter that just try men’s souls.

God is so kind to me! I don’t talk about the kindness of God nearly enough, mostly because I’m often caught somewhere between being surprised and feeling as if I should not be surprised by that at all, but rather more certain of it. That’s who God is, that is His character, and I have a wealth of evidence that demonstrates just that.

The older I get the more able I am to see that there is plan, there is a method to all this madness, and we are dearly loved in the midst of it all. Gratitude is not just the key to happiness, it is also the path away from anxiety, insecurity, and fear. The path to freedom.

So, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!