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“Fata Morgana” is a term used to describe a mirage, named after Morgana le Fey, the shapeshifting fairy queen of legends such as King Arthur’s.

I’ve seen a few mirages, certainly the heat in the desert making it seem as if you are standing at the edge of a large body of rippled water.

A mirage is not a hallucination in the sense that a mirage is very real and often can be captured on film. It’s an optical phenomenon. Much like our eyes can deceive us, our own narratives and the narratives of others can deceive us, too.

A great deal of what goes on in social media and what passes for “news” these days is a narrative or a mirage. It isn’t what it appears to be, it is not an accurate representation of reality. It has about as much substance and truth as heat rising in the desert and revealing an “ocean.”

I love a good dramatic story, even an overly dramatized one. In fact if you lay it on thick enough, I will probably laugh. Story telling is not necessarily about the literal truth, and hopefully not simply about the dry and unemotional recounting of facts.

But science should be! Journalism should be! The judicial system should be. The medical profession should be, to some extent at least! There are even a few times in faith where, “just the facts, please” applies.

I was bravely hiding in a public restroom the other day, eavesdropping on a conversation about the Great Reset, the joys of mandated socialism, the coming societal collapse, and also ironically, eyeball transplants. Seems as if the lady living in 222 has had one and obviously it contains a government tracking device, which is why we should never speak of these things around her.

Also, we should probably check for feet in the stalls, uninvited eavesdroppers lurking in public restrooms, pondering the whole nature of a proper narrative a good mirage, but I digress……

I have experience in this area, having been subjected to a quite a number of cray-cray narratives in my lifetime.

So when an overwrought, worn out, under appreciated nurse goes on CNN to speak of bodies stacked in the hallways and 20 yr olds walking in and dropping dead of covid right before her eyes, it is a cry for help. She is attention seeking her own trauma. And that’s okay! That is totally understandable. We do a really lousy job of meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of people, especially nurses.

People need to understand this is a venting woman, a trauma victim, not a reporter. There are NO actual bodies stacked up in the hall. There are NO 20 year olds being vaporized and pixelating right before your eyes. Zero. That is a complete a mirage. A Fata Morgana. That woman is trying to justify feeling overwhelmed by implanting false memories in herself and seeking justification, an explanation for how she feels right now.

Hyperbole, exaggeration, drama.

We as a society seem to have lost our ability to discern, to tell the difference between facts and fiction, aka, good storytelling versus factual reporting. This is blatantly evident to me in a small town where I have the freedom to go check for bodies in the hallways and refrigerator trucks parked out back trying to handle the huge overflow of alleged covid deaths.

In truth, there is no refrigerator truck, no bodies in the hallways, and it is practically a ghost town up there.

Said nurse is in part hysterical due to staffing cut backs and her inability to now pay her bills. Also, single motherhood, the election, and the uncertainty of life in general, the somewhat surreal, tense and distracted feeling we are all experiencing right now, in part simply due to some really crappy leadership.

Photo by Tu00fa Nguyu1ec5n on Pexels.com

In a perfect world, in a healthier world, we would give this woman some soul care, love her back to good health, to a calm, non anxious state of being, but of course we don’t live in a perfect world. Rather than addressing her needs, the media descends like a pack of vultures and jackals to harvest her distress so they can repackage it and sell it back to you. And of course a few million keyboard warriors, gossips and fear mongers themselves, blow hot air on the Morgana le Fey, the shapeshifting fairy queen of mirage, in the hopes of bringing her to life.

Why do I write about such things? In part because there’s not much else to do when you are trapped in a restroom patiently waiting for the scary socialists to leave and in part so you will remember to look directly into my left eyeball, so as to ensure the Minority Report downloads properly. But in truth I write about such things because we control the horizontal and the vertical, we write the narratives, we decide which mirage we are going to feast on.

Now remember, a mirage is not a hallucination, it is not unreal. I mean, here we are locked down with a crashing economy surrendering our rights and our freedoms, over a complete mirage!

Yep, a mirage.

Don’t get me wrong here, I believe people are dying in part due to a virus, as we have been doing since the beginning of time. But the rest of it? The drama, the hyperbole, the fear, the lockdowns, the scary stories, all a mirage.