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“A person’s character matters far more than their anointing.”

Ah ha! I have solved a riddle, found the bone of contention. No offense to the person who wrote the above quote, in fact, I’m quite grateful for it. It is a puzzle piece I needed.

That’s the world. The world is just obsessed with character, reputation, background checks, references. The world thinks “character” is everything. Sometimes people have told me they can’t support President Trump because of his alleged “character,” and I’ve just been left scratching my head! I’ve heard the same thing about many pastors, book authors, neighbors, etc, etc.

I’m a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. I have little or no use for this “character” thing. In fact, I don’t even know what that is! Also, I’m a bit jaded. I’ve earned my right to sneer at the whole idea of “character.” Did you know you can pay to have your entire internet footprint erased and buy yourself some “character?” True story.

This is definitely how the world thinks and often how the church world thinks, too. Character is safe, reliable, something we can put our trust in. Anointing is more like, well, they sure don’t call the Holy Spirit the “Wild Goose” for nothing!

“Safe? Of course He isn’t safe, but he’s good.”

Recently I’ve heard a lot of sermons and read articles about the Lady of the Crumbs, even the dogs Lord, get the crumbs from the Master’s table. This is an idea that causes some offense. Some have even suggested it was racist! It’s actually one of my favorite passages. I sometimes run about calling myself the Lady of the Crumbs on account of having had a great revelation while resting in those words, soaking in all that sweetness.

I’m not sure why we so often think we’re “good” or that we have “good character?” There is not one single person in the Bible chosen by Jesus or selected by God because of their good character. Well, maybe Job? God seems to say some positive things about Job’s character. Moses is a murderer. David is a murderer. Paul is a murderer. We can go through the whole Bible and we will simply find real people with real issues, and often a very checkered past.

Romans 3:10 tells us, “There is no one righteous, not even one…..”

I have found great peace, great joy, a certain lightness of being from simply having come into agreement with God, much like the Lady of the Crumbs did with Jesus. Yes Lord, but even the dogs…

Besides recognizing your real need for a Savior, once you’re no longer offended by the awareness that your character is kind of a sham, you are free of the burden of performance, free of the endless posturing, free the constant character defense and protection. Also, Jesus sees us as we really are……and He loves us anyway.

Peter once thought he was righteous and loyal, too. Of good character. And he was and he is in a manner of speaking, but he did not really see the whole truth of himself until the rooster crowed.

God will have who He will have. He will anoint who He will anoint and often He does so in a way that turns many of our preconceived notions about “character” on it’s head.

Anyway, it is just bloody awesome when people actually show up when they say they will, or when their “yes” is actually a yes and their “no” is really a no. Not stealing other people’s stuff is a real plus, too! “Character” in that context is a good thing, I’m just saying we’ve really built some weird little idols to the whole concept of “character.” If you really read the quote above what we’re implying is that it’s even more important than God’s anointing, God’s will, God’s direction.