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Let me first say, I loved this so much, I would very much like to hold hands and sing kumbaya with the Blind Pharisee of Sherwood Forrest now. What can I say, even a broken watch is going to be right twice a day. Doug Wilson writes, “The Vast Reservoirs of Guilt,” and nails several issues that concern me right on their head.

But……and you know there’s always a but, right? But, a bit like Freud did, he pretty much misdiagnoses the entire nature of the problem and names it to be…..women. Alas, all our troubles would not be so if it weren’t for the women. From women deacons to how it all “began with Christian men not standing up to Christian women. It began with Christian women coming to believe that they somehow had the right to never be disturbed by anything that the Christian men might say or do.”

Oh ye uppity women, the root of all evil, I tell ya. Always breaking a perfectly good world, always failing to be properly disturbed by what the men might say and do!

Downright disturbed, I tell ya.

Ironically Russell Moore, kind of an ideological opposite of Wilson’s, writes the same darn thing! No, seriously. A bit amusing how these two men seem to be on the same page. Russell Moore writes, “Looking For Truth in Post Election America.” He hardly gets it out of the gate before he’s diagnosed the nature of the problem to be…..a woman. These shrieking women in our the pews! Sheesh! Honestly people, how can we ever enjoy Glorious Leader and our new and improved mandated and enforced unity, with all these uppity women running about shrieking all the time?

Apparently one of my sob sisters stood up in church and screamed, “Biden was not elected!” Oh, be still my heart. Fist bump, my precious, precious, soul mate.

So, just between us girls, first rule of Proper Lady’s Club, always swallow men’s lies, smile sweetly, and be quiet. Or that may just be the first rule I once saw on the wall of an old Western brothel in an Arizona ghost town. Regardless, if you are a woman of Truth, you will need to understand you can either be true to yourself and the Lord you serve, or you can have people favor. You will never have both. There is no lukewarm here, no middle ground.

The Lord wasn’t joking when He said, “…choose you this day whom ye will serve…”

I am not a social justice warrior on account of the fact that I do know the definition of both “social” and of “justice.” I am not a feminist by any means nor a lefty nor the least bit interested in such things. However, I am also not a fool.

Allow me to lament, or not, but if you’ve read along this far you might as well finish. One of the hardest things for women of God to face and confront is the fact that a good chunk of your brothers in Christ will despise you and the other good chunk will fear you. That’s a bitter pill to swallow but it is the truth. Also, the fact that so many of them have all these unresolved issues they refuse to address is also going to be…..entirely your fault.

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Rather than argue, debate, or fuss about whether or not that is true, I encourage you to just seize the power, to embrace your full authority as a much despised creature who strikes fear in the hearts of men. Take that blessed state of being and just bring it into captivity and make it obedient to Christ.

You will never have to make yourself very small, very quiet, or very non threating to win His favor. The Lord I serve is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and certainly not afraid of any shrieking women showing up in His pews.