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I love to go check out people’s words, see what they’re up too, find out what they have to teach me today. I actually read a lot of blogs, “the good news of real people,” and attempt to avoid mainstream news as much as possible.

I’m sure I’ve missed several that are just awesome. Feel free to leave me a link! I’m just highlighting a few for the sake of time.

Kathy is an amazing artist, writes a lot of poetry and inspires me everyday. I really enjoyed her piece about seeds, Winter Sowing.

Mel is a favorite of mine, balm for a weary soul. He did a beautiful job writing about,” The Ultimate Immune System.”

Julie did a delightful post called, “Don’t Walk Around With a Bucket on Your Head.” Citizen Tom made it even more charming with a reblog and some added thoughts.

Speaking of Divine scoldings, I really liked Anthony Baker’s reminder to stop complaining and to celebrate the gift of the day, with his piece called, “It May Be Monday, But…”

I really enjoy Dumbest Blog Ever. There’s some charming writing over there, but mostly I really appreciate the light heartedness, the joy of the silliness. “Interview with a Progressive Chicken Farmer made me smile.

Photo by Nick Bondarev on Pexels.com

I know I’ve missed dozens, and forgot to list some who have really blessed me. Something I really love about the blogging world besides feeding my soul and nourishing my love of words, is how it teaches you to see the beauty in the ordinary, the banal, and to celebrate the lives of everyday people. We live in such a celebrity culture full of global conspiracies like the Great Reset.

Yeah, probably all true, but…..don’t forget to find the time to make your “Great Reset” about getting to know your neighbor and discovering what lives in their heart.