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So, I recently had a bit of a spat, a bit of a conflict with a couple of people on social media and on the ground too, all while our Governor has decided to flex his foolishness by locking us all down even more.

For some people this means nothing more than taking another trip to Mexico or spending a few weeks warm and cozy in in their fancy homes reading a good book. For the rest of us it means businesses we’ve invested everything in will collapse, people will be unable to feed their kids, and those we love with mental health and addiction problems will not get the help they need and may not survive any of this.

You’re darn right, I’d rather just die of covid then watch people I care about suffer and lose everything due to government incompetence and draconian lock downs.

I have zero regrets about my harsh words, zip, zilch, nada, except perhaps that they should have come much sooner and been much harsher. I’m ready to see people go to prison at this point, and anybody supporting this theft, this injustice, this un-constitutional bovine crap is an accessory to a crime, as far as I am concerned.

However, in the process of getting stressed out by life and attacked on the intertoobz, I snapped at this one stranger on Twitter, this innocent bystander who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Doggone if he didn’t meet my fury with kindness, with respect, and patiently address my concerns. Dang dude, I was surprised and totally crushed by your grace. How sweet that is! Doesn’t happen very often, either. I kind of sat there staring at my screen with my mouth open, wondering if I was seeing that right.

That’s what it really means when we say, “He is risen indeed.” You have our resurrected Lord Jesus living on the inside of you and some of Him even spilled out onto me in the heat of my moment. I recognized His voice right away, too. “My sheep know my voice.” That’s the Lord I know, patient, gracious, and not easily offended.

I’d go tell my newly discovered hero that I’m sorry I snapped at him, except I’m not really “sorry” at all. I feel a bit more like the woman with the issue of blood who simply reached out for what she needed and caught a good glimpse of Jesus in the process.