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Big child sexual abuse bust in Ohio, one of many across the nation. President Trump has done more to turn up the heat on organized crime, on child sexual abuse and on stopping the flow of drugs than anyone else I’ve ever seen. I don’t write about it a lot but I sure do read those reports, one right after another, and I am so grateful, such a deep breath of relief, so pleased we finally have someone with the political will to address these things.

I’ve been unable to explain why I feel more connected to President Trump, better able to relate to him than say, John Piper, Doug Wilson, Beth Moore, Tim Keller, Karen Swallow Prior, etc, etc. By the way, none of these evangelical people supported Trump in 2016 and it really bothered me as to why.

Part of what bothered me was that I realized I had rendered pretty much all of pop culture evangelism totally impotent, completely useless for those of us who have to live in the real world. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way.

Recently some people were tossing out their pro-life credentials, their arrest records. Like Piper and Prior must really care because they’ve been arrested for pro-life causes. So they can now virtue signal their pro-life credentials……while opposing President Trump?

I’m just going to say it, that felt like such a huge betrayal, such a confused and convoluted, self absorbed bunch of poppycock. What a bunch of one hit, one issue, “wonders.”

I actually had a much easier time coming to terms with President Trump’s “character,” with what people would call “coarse,” on account of the fact that my inbox is often packed with things so much worse. Are we grading on a curve here? Because some of those who disapprove so strongly of Trump’s alleged “character,” often take “crass” to a whole new level behind closed doors.

At some point in my life I realized I could never really explain the reality of revenge porn and hate mail to people so disconnected from the real world that they think President Trump is “coarse.”

For those who are genuinely prolife, for those who do care, I need you to know that over turning Roe V Wade, that holding up a prolife coffee mug, that voting right (or wrong) does not heal the heart of a nation. As gently as I can, God will not be mocked. One had better not congratulate oneself for forcing a kind of superficial, pro life legalism onto a nation that actually rapes its babies, and a church that at best turns a blind eye.

I’ve been a conspiracy truther since before it was even cool. You don’t have to show me Hunter Biden emails or send me videos about satanic cabals in Hollywood. In fact, please don’t. I already know these things. For as long as I have been alive, probably even much longer, children have been used as sexual commodities and sources of power, drugs have been fed to the population to keep them docile and distracted, and the higher ups have protected the whole racket in order to profit off of it. That is just as true in the secular world as it is in some of our churches.

Three cheers for the Clown from Queens who has proven he has the intestinal fortitude to try to poke a few holes in the matrix, to recode our reality for us, and to try to make it into something a whole lot more user friendly.