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I don’t know who needs to hear this, probably me, but here’s the deal, you cannot disappoint God, you can not let Him down. He knows us too well, He knows our beginning and our end. You can’t earn more of His love by doing what He wants, nor are you at risk of being fired and cast out if you mess it all up.

We can disappoint our own selves, disappoint others, and we can grieve the Holy Spirit. But we cannot let down, fail, disappoint, or betray God Himself. He can see us coming five years ahead of time. Disappointment is a failed expectation. God is not caught of guard, He is not surprised by us. He does not fail. We lack the power to offend Him or to thwart His plans.

People often don’t like to hear that truth, people like to try to use religion as a form of social and behavioral control of others. Key word there, of others. If we all used religion to help control our own selves the world would look a lot better, but we often don’t. People can be unbelievable control freaks and totally ruled by fear and a need to try to control those around them. That’s not God. That is so not God.

We can separate ourselves from Him, we can stand on the hose and stop the flow of His blessings, but it is us who pull away, not Him. God didn’t hide in the garden and turn His face away from Adam, He went looking for Him. It was Adam who ran and hid.

We remove our own selves from God’s presence. Returning to Him is as simple as turning your chair around so you are facing Him once again.

God doesn’t test us to find out what we’re made of, He tests us so we can find out what we’re made of. Sometimes that’s to help us discover our weaknesses, what we need to work on, and sometimes it’s to help us discover our strengths.

I absolutely have a burden to represent the Lord properly, to represent His word correctly, to help light the path before people, not shroud it in more darkness. It weighs heavy on me sometimes, it can be crushing. When I first discovered we will be held accountable for every word, I about had an existential crisis. At that point I had already spoken billions of words in my life and written volumes. I was hit by this paralyzing fear and just wanted to take a vow of silence and hide away somewhere.

I felt as if I had spilled a billion beans and one of them was sure to condemn me. I felt as if I should probably just withdraw and stop spilling beans. Fortunately I read the tale of the lazy servant. He takes his talent and he hides it away, falsely believing his master to be harsh man. I had to take some deep breaths and realize that’s a lie, that’s a poor perception of the Father’s heart for us. What is the lazy servant’s problem? He has remade God in His own image, and He has proceeded to reflect and multiply that image. The fruit of that false image, that poor reflection, didn’t even produce a hill of beans.

Perfect love casts out fear. We are surrounded by grace and mercy, we are forgiven, we are right on schedule, we are responding exactly according to plan, exactly as God already knew we would. We cannot disappoint Him.

We are simply called to rest in His grace, to be at peace, and to abide in Him. He is the vine, we are the branches.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com