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I just want to stomp my little foot one more time and insist that for centuries the Bible has said in Genesis 3:16, your desire shall be FOR your husband.

The KJV says, “and thy desire shall be TO thy husband”

The RSV says, “your desire shall be FOR your husband”

The Message Bible says, “You’ll want to PLEASE your husband

It isn’t until we get to the ESV in modern times, real modern like just a few decades ago, that we suddenly find, “Your desire shall be CONTRARY to your husband.”

Wut??! “FOR” and “CONTRARY” are words that are nearly the precise opposite of one another! They mean totally different things. They are not interchangeable at all. This is a totally bogus translation.

Why does it matter? Well, it’s a false presupposition that really tends to taint our entire faith, even our very perception of God Himself. This comes up over and over again in my world. Maybe it is just because of how people are hardwired, I don’t know, but without fail what happens is that if her desire is CONTRARY to mine than God’s desire soon becomes CONTRARY to mine.

God is FOR you, right? We say this all the time. “God is FOR you,” meaning He is on your side. Well Eve is also FOR you, wives are also FOR you, women are also FOR you.

That is the truth. It may not “feel” like the truth if you have been abused, divorced, or rejected, but it is still the truth.

If you open yourself up to this modern idea that Eve is against me, contrary, and the devil is also against me, contrary to me, and the world is against me, contrary, you’re on a downhill slide to no where. Throw in politicians just for fun and good measure and you soon wind up with, everyone is against me, so even God Himself must be against me.

In fact, God hates me! I refuse to follow a God who hates me, put me in a world that hates me, and then cursed me with a companion who hates me.

Those are all lies, deceptions, and basic psychology at play, but they are real enough, false ideas that people have.

I’m not even kidding, I’ve heard this very thing dozens of times. Just today a man told me he wants nothing to do with my “God-god” on account of the fact that he didn’t believe his wife’s desire was contrary to him. He actually said, “she is clearly not against me so what else in the Bible is a lie?”

Men will wrestle with this lie, men will be driven from faith by it. This is not a feminist issue at all. Also, imagine what it is like if you believe a woman’s desire for you is somehow evil, shameful. God had to put a curse on her to make her desire you? It’s actually really demasculating and unhealthy. It’s also false and unbiblical.

“Mary, Mary quite contrary” is a nursery rhyme, not a theological revelation.

I don’t really like to provide a lot of links because I figure if people actually want to go find the truth, they’ll do their own research. I’ve spent years playing linky wars on the internet and so I’m not interesting in doing that anymore. However, here is one article that does support some of what I am saying.