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There’s a little paradox, a little kingdom truth I like to call “B1.” I love quirky and easily remembered acronyms, hence “vitamin B1.” How do you get what you need in the world emotionally and spiritually? B1. If you think you have a shortage of friends, go B1 or “be one.

The act of giving away what you feel like you don’t have, often tends to convert your scarcity into abundance.

It’s much like in the Wizard of Oz, they all go skipping down the yellow brick road seeking to acquire what they already have. The cowardly lion doesn’t really need courage, he already has it. It simply needs to be realized. The same is true of the brainless scarecrow and the tin man without a heart.

Give it away, let it go, sow it out in the world, and you will gain it. You may not gain it back immediately or from the exact direction you expect it from. I am laughing wryly here, because this is not the same thing as “do unto others” because “others” may promptly just steal your boots. Cast your spiritual net out into the spiritual world, and trust that it works. Trust that what you give to the Lord will be multiplied and come back to you.

Mitch Teemley has a cool post up about something very similar called, My Experiment in Becoming Human.” Check it out, it’s awesome.