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Chuckling here, but this guy probably does not see himself as “my friend” on account of the fact that he has me blocked on social media. No doubt it’s probably due to my charming disposition.

(My disposition really IS charming,)

I’m not going to name him because I’m not interested in playing “cancel culture” or “let’s rebuke our friends,” so we’ll just call him, “Popular Woke Christian Author With a Twitter Account.”

I just want to pause and say that contrary to popular opinion, I actually have learned a thing or two in my life. The first thing I have learned is that people who actually want to solve problems do not shut down communication. How do you tell the difference between someone who wants to solve problems versus someone who just wants the payoff, and the tyranny, of being a perpetual chronic victim?

(Yep, tyranny, like a little l’enfant terrible, like the power a youngest child feels when they throw themselves on the ground and kick and scream until someone gives them the princess spoon.)

You can tell them apart because those who are enjoying the power of victimhood always shut down communication and are not open to discussion. Change is not on the menu. Don’t try ordering it.

The second thing they do is promote endless doom and gloom. Justification for why they are the way they are. Rational lies. This particular guy said something akin to, “I hope it was worth it, evangelicals. The Integrity of the supreme court, gone. The country in disarray. Your churches fractured. Immigrants fleeing for their lives. Witness compromised.”

I could go on and on, there’s a lot more, but basically that is the heart of it, a rebuke against evangelicals for trashing the whole country and making a mess of the place.

My crime was to come along and say cheerfully, Well now wait a minute, we haven’t trashed the whole place! I believe the SC still has integrity, our country is doing remarkably well all things considered, and our churches are still kicking.

Never try to crash the pity party of an l’enfant terrible with good news. Oops.

Besides having some fun with this post and blowing off some steam, I just want to share some wisdom here about solving problems and fixing things and how you go about it. First off, know what you are dealing with and second, don’t ever elect a l’efant terrible into public office. Victimhood, negativity, and chronic shaming of others are actually powerful weapons of mass dysfunction.

Notice the difference between my friend and I. He is obviously ticked off at evangelicals, but rather then personalizing that matter and healing the internal, root causes of his outrage, he is just going to externalize it all and rebuke the entire evangelical world for our alleged sins in an attempt to shame us into coming into agreement with him.

Whereas he is just shooting at the broad side of a barn hoping to nail some random evangelical somewhere with his verbal rock salt, I can’t even find it in my heart to call him out on a public blog and name him, because I fear his feelings might be hurt or someone might mock him or something.

That’s the difference right there. Those of us who have been genuinely healed in the broken places, more often than not feel compelled to provide cover, not just for our friends, but for our enemies too. Intercessory cover for the dumb and foolish things people say and do. Making space because we know Jesus made space for us.

So my friend, that’s all I was trying to say. It fit nicely in 144 characters or less until you went and irked my ire.