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Our immune system is just remarkable and we do not celebrate it as much as we should. I was quite disappointed when covid hit and our public health officials said almost nothing about strengthening our immune systems. Intentional of not, they fed into this myth that tries to suggest all germs are bad and we can simply sanitize our environment, kill them all, and finally be safe.

That is not science at all, that is more like an advertising narrative used to sell “magic” cleaning wipes and other products.

First of all, some germs, bugs, and bacteria are really good, vital to our health even! Without them we will get very sick. Our bodies are wonderfully and fearfully made, but still not fully understood. However, we do know that having certain viruses can increase your risk of cancer, but we also know that some viruses may prevent cancers later in life. Kids actually need to get sick rather frequently in order to exercise their immune systems, to train and strengthen them.

I could write volumes about all this, but what I really wanted to say was that much like our bodies have a powerful immune system, our country does, too! Our founding fathers designed an absolutely epic system intended to protect us from several environmental threats, “germs” if you will. We actually live in a republic rather than a pure democracy, which is quite cool and helps to prevent the tyranny of mob rule.

Recently I watched Senator Cory Booker star in this Greek tragedy, this amazing drama queen routine that quite took my breath away. It was pure theater I’m telling you, and I wasn’t quite sure whether to laugh, cry, or clap. He tried chanting rather tearfully, the people must choose, the people must choose, the people must choose, and I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting for him to melodramatically fall on a sword and pretend to bleed out right on the stage in front of us all.

It was very Shakespearian, and I’d almost feel sorry for him, but he’s a very smart man and he is aware of basic civics. Like, the people have already chosen. We chose a president and give him the authority to nominate people to the Supreme Court. The people also chose Senators from each of our states, our districts. It is a total lie to say “the people must chose” because the people have chosen, and the job of lawmakers now is to honor our choices.

This idea that America is broken or not working, is utter rubbish. I have literally collapsed and hit the deck several times recently, overwhelmed with gratitude for our system of checks and balances, for our country’s design and the fact that it actually works.

I had a bit of a revelation when he said, “Nothing about this is normal! It is not normal…..” Au contraire! What we are bearing witness to right now is very “normal” in the sense of proceeding exactly according to American governmental design, something that is also rather beautiful to bear witness to. Our country actually has a thriving immune system that helps to keep us from going completely off the rails.

If Cory Booker would like to have a drama queen dance off, I’d be all over that. I think I could totally take him.