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“And if you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.” -Jordan Peterson

I dearly love the fact that I stumbled upon that Peterson quote just when I needed it the most. All in good humor here, but I am not afraid of powerful men or tough ones, but the weak ones sometimes scare the crap out of me.

A friend on Twitter has suggested that, “the desire for power is always a bad thing, “ and while it sounds sensible on the surface I somewhat object to the whole notion.

I suppose it is partially because I have so frequently been powerless and I have learned that powerlessness is not any more virtuous or noble than being powerful. Since the morality is not related to the alleged affliction, power is not the root of the problem. This idea has been reaffirmed to me multiple times on account of the fact that I live in an area where power is perceived as the root of all evil, therefore government in it’s benevolence, must constantly remove all of yours for you own protection.

I had a lovely conversation with some ladies about fire ants, because one would hope that talking about bugs was a safe subject. One would be wrong. So there are some rafts of fire ants floating on floodwaters on Texas and the public health advice amounted to, avoid them. Sounds quite reasonable to me and I have no desire to challenge that, but of course where I live we just cannot leave floating ants be. There oughta be a law! Some fines too, and potential criminal sentences.

Whatever for? I mean, seriously. Are people sneaking out of their homes to try to poke at floating fire ants for recreational purposes? Is this a big enough problem that we must now criminalize it an enforce mandates? Wouldn’t poking a bunch of fire ants carry it’s own natural penalties?

Sigh. Alas, no. Where I live, in certain circles, even just the power to govern your own self, the power to choose to avoid fire ants without the benefit of additional motivating factors, is simply too much power for any one individual to carry. Besides, what about the children who might go out and wrestle ants?

Natural consequences apparently lead to dangerous risks we just cannot afford to well, risk.

Does anybody read Danny Silk? I happen to enjoy him because he is always stressing the importance of being a powerful person. One cannot actually love others without being powerful. There are only two states of being in human relationships, connection or separation. There is fear or there is love. Powerful people get their love on. Powerless people get their fear on.

Now that is very simplistic, rather rough outline of some of the points Danny Silk makes. Hopefully he will forgive me if he ever stumbles upon this post, but that is the essence of some of his books. “Power” is simply the freedom to exercise your own self control.

Power is not the enemy. It can be of course, the amassing of power over others can be a temptation, a potential sin. I mean, who doesn’t want world domination, right?? I always find it a bit humorous and ironic that we say that, and we sometimes even desire that, but in truth a good chunk of us don’t even seem to want to seize a tiny bit of power over our own tiny selves!

Which brings me to the the root of the problem, the essence of it all. People don’t want to know themselves. We are often somewhat reluctant to go there and have a peek. Power comes from going there and having a peek.

Power is not the problem, just as money is not the problem. The Bible speaks of how it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. One could say something very similar, the love of power is the root of evil, not the power itself. Why? Because the things we love, the things we crave, the things we desire, we are lacking. There is scarcity there, not enough, a hole in your soul.

A desire for power is healthy. It is a basic human need. My fire ant ladies for example, do not desire power for themselves at all. In fact, they actually have none of their own which is why they are so concerned about rafts of fire ants several states away and trying to control people they don’t even know in Texas. Power is like a substance that just vacuums itself up into the abyss where the empty places are. It just can’t help itself.

I don’t wish to sound too harsh here, but I suppose it is too late for that. In for a penny, in for a pound. My ladies are like a little tyrannical, fascist, matriarchy of power hungry, control freaks, ready to suck the power right off of complete strangers living in another state, because they are just famished. Starving for some power, because they have be led to believe that power is a very bad thing and the desire for it is somehow shameful.

Does that make them gentle, tender people? It does not, in fact by the time we got to talking about the mandatory life sentences for people who break the imaginary fire ant rules, I was desperately looking for the exit and trying not to run.

What the world really needs, men and women, is MOAR power, the authentic kind that comes from within. The problem being, with power comes accountability and most of us would rather just not go there.

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