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I had a rather boring, ordinary day yesterday, worked, came home, watched some debate highlights and went to bed.

No seriously, what in the world is all the fuss about? Somebody I know IRL was quite upset, literally shaking, and had to go home. A rather unfair accusation came out that I just didn’t understand what was at stake and how important this election was.

Totally unfair because that presumes I am not an overthinker who has already future tripped 8 different versions of our dystopian nightmare in intimate detail. It’s a real Hollywood blockbuster too, I’m telling ya. Anytime people accuse me of not knowing what is at stake, I have the urge to just start cackling hysterically.

So here’s the deal. It is well with my soul. Wherever our country is headed, God is already there, waiting for us with open arms. Myself, I tend to prefer hot running water and overall peace and comfort, but regardless, God is still going to be there in our future and it is well with my soul.

Home is where the heart is and if God is in your heart, than you are always going to be right at home, safe and secure in His hands.

That absolutely is what I think about things in a spiritual context.

In a more material, political context, it looked like a debate, a debate pretty much between President Trump and Chris Wallace. Joe Biden can proudly claim a 3rd place victory.

All snarky jokes aside, what I see going on here is a problem with people’s expectations. People want to be entertained, they want their ears to be tickled, and then they are just let down and subjected to a long crosstalk argument that does nothing for them emotionally.

I mean this as kindly and gently as possible, and regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum. Don’t try to get your emotional and spiritual needs met politically. Just don’t. That’s kind of like drinking seawater when you’re thirsty.

But I really do love to talk about these things! What did you think about the debates and all the fuss? How is life going? What’s up in your world? Fire away.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com