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President Trump has gotten some people all in a dither by announcing his move to form a “Patriotic Education Commission.

I think it’s about time! For far too long we have been teaching kids not just to hate America, but to emotionally carry the burden of the sins of their ancestors.

What I really want to do is to reiterate his words, to reaffirm the truth of them when the President said, “Teaching this horrible doctrine to our children is a form of child abuse, the truest sense.”

Absolutely! I grew up among the hate America first crowd and what many of them don’t realize is what a heavy burden that is to dump on your children. WE slaughtered the Indians, WE enslaved the Africans, and WE dropped a bomb on Japan. Also, WE are responsible for racism, colonialism, capitalism, corruption, global warming, and every other form of malice you can imagine. THIS is the country you support. Who is “We?” You are, kids. So kids especially will begin to pick up that weight, that shame, to start to feel as if they are the one’s responsible for all these atrocities, even though they weren’t even born yet.

Also, there is NO chance of repentance, restoration, or redemption. In fact, religion is an even more evil, evil, and we must keep these sharp lines between church and state. So you must carry that shame over what your country’s ancestors have done and suffer for it forever.

Also, kids can begin to internalize all the alleged malice this country reportedly has towards the innocent, and that makes one totally distrust the government and presume they are all out to get you.

That’s a bit of an ironic statement to make since parts of the Gov often are corrupt and anything but benevolent! Just the same, we have a system of checks and balances, a US Constitution, and a set of ideals we hold dear as a people. All these things work together to help keep us safe from government over reach. So, promoting hatred and fear of government is actually harmful and dangerous. So too is promoting this false idea that the only source of benevolence and protection in your life is going to be the same evil government. I know people actually trapped in that paradox trying to make sense of it.

Emotionally and psychologically it can all really mess with your head and your emotions. It really is child abuse and to varying degrees it is all over in our schools across the country. I’m sure I see a more extreme example of it because of where I live and I’m sure it resonates with me much more strongly because of trauma.

Just the same, this was sweet, sweet music to my ears as a survivor of some pretty unpleasant indoctrination that I know oh so well, “Teaching this horrible doctrine to our children is a form of child abuse, the truest sense.”