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I refer to the Blind Pharisee of Sherwood Forrest, Wilson, who writes a post called, “I Am Here to Inform You That Tim Keller Has His Thumb on the Scales.”

Having scaled a good number of fish, I feel fully qualified to discuss the nature of scales, both the fish kind, the kind that cover people’s eyes, and the kind associated with weights and measures.

I’ve been following the great Tim Keller debate, also known as, “how can we demonize and dehumanize as many of of our brothers and sisters in Christ as possible while assuring everyone that biting and devouring one another is righteous and Holy and beneficial for the Body of Christ?

(Don’t be too hard on these guys, it’s been a common dilemma all throughout Christian history.)

So in order to protect the privacy of the innocent, I shall name no names. Just kidding. I’ve read a bunch of Tim Keller, a bunch of Doug Wilson, and some AD Robles. Also several others in raging debates about this matter all over the intertoobz. If you don’t know who any of these people are, just count your blessings and move on with your life.

Here’s my beef. I just want to chat about my faith with as many people as possible. Some of them are non believers, some are tepid, and some are Christians just trying to stay sane in an insane world. Unfortunately I live downstream from these Big Guys arguing very publicly. So if Christian people are biting and devouring one another over theology, politics, or the nature of organic kale, without fail somebody is going to challenge my beliefs and say, “Oh yeah? You’re telling me God is love, well does this look like love to you??!”

Than of course I have to go look and it’s like, “Good grief! I don’t know what you’re doing, but close the darn door! Nobody needs to see that.”

I actually don’t care if Tim Keller is unjust, biased, and has his thumb on the scales. Jesus has His thumb on my scales. That is really the only thing that matters. My scales are now heavily weighted in my favor.

My scales are now so heavily weighted in my favor, I could vote for Joe Biden and my salvation would still be secure and my conscience would not be bound. Yep, you betcha! You all would die and the country would probably collapse, but I’d be good with God! I kid you not, He’d simply say, ooops, I see you’ve gone and taken out a small country once again, IB. Well, well done good and faithful servant. These things happen.

Yep, just like a child spilling milk. That’s the Lord I know.

The issues you guys are arguing about are totally unimportant. Who cares if Wilson is a white supremist? (I don’t believe he is, by the way.) Who cares if Tim Keller seems to imply that having white skin is a sin? (I don’t believe that’s quite what he meant, by the way.) But supposing these things are all true? They still don’t matter! What matters is how you represent Christ in the world because people are desperately looking for some signs of His existence.

If this is how you treat your own, the beloved of Christ, people are like, Uh no thanks, hard pass. I know some pagans up the road who are far more hospitable…

It’s not about the issues. It’s not about the debate. It’s not about the politics. How you treat one another IS YOUR ministry. The condition of your heart is what they see. That is a hundred times more important than who you vote for or what culture wars you think you can win.

For the most part I adore pastors, so please don’t take this wrong. But when I see pastors acting like people are just sheeple, hanging on their every word, I often think wow, what unbridled hubris. I mean, seriously! Not only unbridled hubris, but complete disrespect for people’s autonomy and zero trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives. Also, what incredible weakness. Yeah, pride often just reads as weakness, insecurity, and fear. It’s kind of weird I know, but it’s true.

And in the ultimate irony, most of these guys falsely judged and condemned Trump and refused to vote for him in 2016. So like, “allow me to bind your conscience with my vastly superior wisdom” tends to just have a hollow ring to it four years later.

Jesus has His thumb on my scales. See, the problem is, some of you guys seem to falsely believe you OWN the scales. Ya don’t.