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Respect is not something people earn, it is not a hierarchy denoting worth, value, and social approval. That may be how the world perceives it, but that is not how it works in spiritual reality. Respect for other people is a reflection of the condition of your own heart.

Yep, even people you think are bad! The Bible does say, love your enemies. That’s really not about your enemies at all, that’s all about you. The more grace you can show, the more love you have to offer, the more powerful you are.

I mention this because emotions are flying high, politics are all amped up, and we’re marinating in psychological abuse. What that looks like is being told how you will feel towards certain cultural martyrs and icons. So everything is very reactionary right now and fear has spilled all over the table.

I speak of course, of the passing of RBG. People got some heated feelings!

So here’s the deal, I actually don’t care so much about what is going on in the world, about politics and circumstances, as I do about the condition of Christian hearts. It takes about 30 seconds on Twitter to observe that the condition of our hearts is not so good.

What matters the most in faith? The condition of our own heart! It’s all that goes with you into eternity. It’s a reflection of His heart. You can’t be out dancing on someone’s grave, but you can’t be cancel culturing people for telling jokes that offend you either. People respond to fear, grief, anxiety, upheaval, in different ways. Make space for that, show them grace! People don’t exist in the world solely to perform for you according to your standards.

There is way too much biting and devouring going on in the Christian world right now! I totally get it, it only takes about 30 seconds for me to stop levitating in His grace 3 feet above the fray. I am just saying, it should not be. Don’t let yourself be a cackling hyena.

I am quite serious about dispelling this myth about respect being earned or only granted to the worthy or those we approve of. That’s not what the Bible says. Jesus says, the last shall go first. He dumped all of our human hierarchies on their head. Respect is not something other people earn, respect is something you extend. Also, it’s pretty much equal to how much grace you yourself have received.

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