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I spent most of yesterday declaring to several people with a bit of prophetic fervor, No, it is not the end of the world! I’m tired, I’m a bit bored, and so I would probably welcome a good crescendoing drum roll at this point, but no. Not what’s happening.

Don’t get me wrong here, nobody knows the day and hour of the Lord’s return, so you should draw closer, get to know Him. Time is of the essence! Either He’s coming down to meet you or you’re going up to meet Him, but either way, time’s a wasting! Our days are not promised, so it is definitely urgent. Call to Jesus, invite him into your life, get right with Him.

He could arrive an hour from now for all I know.

I’m just saying, these things people are seeing in the world are not a sign of the end times, they are a sign of some mass hysteria, hyperbole from the media, and brainwashing from Big Tech. Let’s not forget decades of doomsday movies, endless political fear mongering, and the paranoia induced from wearing masks.

Yeah, true story, masks inhibit communication and create insecurity and paranoia in people. We take in incredible amounts of information through body language and facial impressions. When that is not there, we are off kilter and in distress. There is a reason why we blindfold people and a reason why bad guys wear hoods and masks.

My goodness, people are stressed out and high strung right now! We’ve been on this lockdown for months, people are walking around with these surreal masks on their faces, and there is so much smoke in the air the sun looks like we’re on Mars. So the scenery and backdrop is perfect for a good dystopian blockbuster, but no, that’s not what is going on.

A good chunk of a Seattle wharf collapsed into the bay yesterday. Fortunately two guys were rescued and have minor injuries. No, it’s not a sign of the end of the world, it’s a construction accident, one we can all be thankful for because no one was killed or seriously injured. Not the end of the world at all. It’s not even “weird” or “freaky.” They were removing it because it had separated from the seawall and was in danger of collapse.

I am laughing, you know it’s bad out there when somebody named “insanity-bytes” has to throw some cold water on people and wake them up because they’re all being downright cray-cray.

I want to share something really cool, a bit of revelation from Jewish culture that once really blessed me. Their days actually used to start the night before, in the evening as it is getting dark. Dark is the beginning. God began the world that way too, in the dark. We start in the dark. We arrive in the light. Our own lives are like that too, we spend 9 months in the dark, we are born into the light.

We start in the dark. We arrive in the light. The Light is our final destination. The resurrection happened at dawn. The Bible is very careful to preserve this wisdom for us and specifically reminds us, “Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week….”

In the modern West we have it all backwards. We think the day begins at first light, and so our lives subconsciously become a march towards the final destination, the closing dark, death, the end of days. We are marching in the wrong direction!

Flip a 180 and ditch the Western thinking. Our new day has already dawned and He is seated in victory at the right hand of the Father. We now move from glory to glory, not from light to darkness.