Do you love to feed children? I do, totally. I like to feed everybody, actually. It helps to bring some life to my soul. Also, I truly believe no child should ever go hungry. That just hurts my heart.

However, in the midst of these lockdowns, the virus, economic hardships, the schools, the gov, some organizations have moved to make sure kids still have free lunches.

I’ve looked away, I’ve felt annoyed, bothered by it all. I’ve actually rolled my eyes a few times and scrolled past notices declaring, we’re feeding the children.…in the midst of what amounts to a man made disaster.

I didn’t understand my discomfort, my frustration, my resentment until I read Rudy’s post here. Bingo. The wisdom of Solomon, indeed. “Now if only…” Click to read it, it was well said.

Children are facing a world full of abuse, poverty, drug addiction, violence, mental health disorders, social unrest, and what they really need is food for their souls. I live in an area that is extremely resistant to that idea, that concept.

Like, my masochism recently led me to post a a brief comment with our local newspaper about how we need more Jesus. I am still getting the fallout and the angry emails. Let me tell you, when you think the greatest threat to your community is Jesus, your perceptions have gotten all skewed. We just had a stabbing, a young child’s suicide, and a young man’s heroin overdose. You know what we need in this area? We need more Jesus.

Not a sandwich and a bag of chips, the bread of life.

I guess I also resent the free lunches for kids because it undermines parental autonomy. It is like putting a bandage over a gaping wound. Why are parents forced to live in substandard housing unable and too disempowered to even feed their own children?

It is the health and well being of families, that leads to the health and well being of children. You cannot care for the children as if they are completely detached from the suffering of the adults around then, the ones charged with their care.

I also know a tiny thing about eating disorders and just pretend the world around you is not on fire, shut up and have another sandwich, just does not sit well with me. Well, it shows we care about you doesn’t it?? No, you care more about relieving your own guilt.

This community is awesome with the food. We mapped it out once and there is so much compassion and desire to provide people a free meal, you could get something to eat 7 days a week. What’s far harder to find is the bread of life, the food for your soul, the nutrition you need to walk through this world somewhat intact and still of sound mind.

Jesus didn’t just feed people, He was the bread of heaven who came bearing food for our souls.