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I have one of those personality types that can communicate very well. Don’t laugh, but there’s actually a support group for that kind of thing, on account of the fact that communication skills are only half of the equation. The other half is that, people don’t listen. Seriously, people often don’t even respond at all! When you try to point this truth out it often goes something like this:

Well, did you actually say anything?

Yes, I sent a text.

Do you check back when you got no response?

Yes, I followed it up with an email. Left 3 messages on voice mail, too.

Did you put it in writing?

Typed and double spaced and sent through snail mail.

Do you know it was received?

Sent the 3rd letter out registered mail and I have a receipt.

Have you tried an in person contact?

Yes, I sent an emissary, 3 men in long purple cloaks, and 7 black swans carrying ancient scrolls written on parchment paper.

Well, have you tried going yourself?

Yes, after 9 failed attempts, I just went over and set the poor man’s lawn on fire. He now has a restraining order against me.

Well, you know what the problem here is? You’re probably just not assertive enough. You don’t know how to state your needs clearly!

Oh, oh double facepalm. I’m now practically facing criminal charges and you’re accusing me of not being persistent and assertive enough. Sheesh!

I’m joking, it’s all just fun and games but seriously, at some point we have to accept the fact that other people are either choosing to ignore you or don’t listen. Or maybe the answer is “no” and they are too chicken to respond. Lot of passive aggressive people in the world.

I am laughing here, but I go round and round with this, especially with my family. My hubby thinks nothing of saying something like, you know what you need to do? Call the Governor!

Yes dear, I’ll get right on that. Not only are we really good friends, he has me on his instant messenger. I’m sure if I just pop over and ask nicely…

Trust me, I’m pretty sure the Governor has heard from me and has now gotten ahold of my permanent record, the one I started in 5th grade. I can only hope.

So you see, THAT is why there is a support group for people like me, run by a therapist who understands why people like me are all now half mad. Stark raving bonkers, I tell ya. Totally cray-cray.

I once applied for a job as a church secretary. I would love that, it’s right up my alley, but I did not get the job and it kind of baffled me. Ahh, until I realized, it was the fact that I can actually communicate and make sure everyone knows what is going on that was the very problem. I mean, like duh, way to wipe out everybody’s excuse to not show up IB! Also, if people know about stuff going on, than the ones we don’t want to have show up, will!

Yeah, I’ll just be in my secret underground bunker with the 7 black swans if anyone needs me.