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I’m just going to vent a wee bit here, express my displeasure over that little saying and the whole nature of peacekeeping, not to be confused with peacemaking.

If you can’t stand for something you are going to fall for anything.

There really is a right and a wrong in most situations. A truth! We live in this really morally relative world where people are often afraid to take a stand, they don’t want to be perceived as choosing sides, they are reluctant to risk alienating anyone, and they want to be perceived as fair.

The first casualty of that stance is always going to be the truth.

I know a fair amount about this issue on account of the fact that I can be gloriously “stuck in the middle with you,” clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, as the song goes. About as lukewarm about most things as it is possible to get. Totally avoidant. I will go along to get along, mostly just because many things are unimportant to me and I like to avoid conflict. Also, most things are hardly worth the trouble.

It’s really ironic that I have that tendency myself sometimes, because when I look back at my life the one thing that has done the most harm to me, caused the most wounding, is when other people have been unable to stand up for for what is right. It’s been a huge betrayal so many times. We can have pity party about it too, with balloons and cake and everything, my point simply being, it is not a virtue to try to avoid conflict and forever attempt to play the middle.

I just groan when people say “I want to be fair to both sides,” because without fail what that really means is that the next thing coming out of your mouth is going to be really unfair, really unjust.

Double awful unjust when people claim they want to be fair, they’re not picking sides….and then they proceed to demonstrate that they ARE picking sides. I call that “bias denial,” well, that’s not the first word that comes to my mind, but you get the idea.

All things are not equal! We’re living in a world that really wants everything to be fair and balanced, but that is simply an unrealistic and unjust expectation that will actually create more injustice. It always does.

I’m a big fan of hospitality, it’s kind of my role, it’s who I am, it’s what I like to do, and the last thing I want to do ever, is make someone feel cast out or left out. I’ve been there and done that myself so many times, but in the process I have learned that yes there are some things worth fighting for, some hills worth dying on.

My biggest nemesis has actually often been other Christians who often seem to believe that there is something in our faith that demands we be wishy washy, passive, and accommodating in all things.

The first casualty of that stance is always going to be the truth.

“Peacekeeping” is when you insist that if everyone would just ignore the giant pink elephant in the room and pretend it isn’t even there, we would have “peace.” “Peacemaking” is when you turn the lights on.