Ya know, the Bible can be used to justify pretty much anything. Perhaps we should say the Bible can be “misused” to justify anything, the problem being it would probably take a 30 year theological debate chasing after word origins and Latin translations in order to settle the matter. So suffice it to say, the Bible can and has been used to justify all manner of foolishness, from slavery to socialism.

Karl Marx pretty much twisted scripture to come up with his famous quote, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  Does that mean Marxism is Biblical? No.

Recently I got into a minor spat over the idea that it is Biblical to say, if you don’t work you, shouldn’t eat. This is a common argument against socialism, against taxation, against the welfare state. It’s a rotten argument, too! I cannot abide when people try to use the Bible to justify a lack of compassion and a harsh attitude towards the very same neighbors we are supposed to be loving. Commanded to love. I presume people believe in feeding children? The sick? The elderly? How about all the people who through no fault of their own can’t work right now because the government decided to shut the world down?

People who try to use those kinds of arguments need to understand THEY are not helping, in fact, they’re fueling a movement, a socialist movement.

So this guy basically says, okay, it’s totes uncool to take my labor, my property, and give it to the other 51%. In fact, it’s slavery. I kind of liked that “totes uncool.” I’m even in agreement, it is totes uncool. It is extra “totes uncool” when you are relatively poor and trying to earn a living and your government is constantly trying to rob you to pay for whatever pet project is on their mind. Where I live we’ve spent millions on the homeless over the years. I’m pretty sure we’ve never actually housed anyone, but we have spent a lot of money on our caring so, so much caring.

Our fearless leaders are now actually discussing the need for a homeless tax. They need more money to NOT house people so people will understand they really care about……(not) housing people. Yeah, it is “totes uncool,” because it is an attempt to levy a tax against the working poor, to rob us of our pennies to pay for the needs of a group of people it is far more politically expedient to love.

In the middle of an economic shut down, during a pandemic, in a depressed area, where most people are barely making it and just trying to hang on….

Totes uncool. Totally, man. Also, the specially favored will never see a dime of that money. If they’re lucky, someone will toss them a tent or something and wish them well, but the tax revenue itself will simply join the other millions now flushed away into the abyss.

Totes uncool.

I really want to see us drop the Biblical arguments in faith and politics, because it just convolutes everything. There is now a pretty powerful group of woke Christians and liberation theologists making Biblical arguments in favor of everything from BLM to abortions. Conversely however, there is also a group of Wound Tight Ones who basically present this idea that God is as big of a self absorbed jerk as they are. That false presentation of God, that portrayal of Him as being harsh and judgmental is why we have things like liberation theology in the first place. It is why we have social justice warriors. It is why we have people able to sell all kinds of assorted crazy notions around being “woke.”

Like it or not, there is cause and effect going on in the world. We create these extremes, these power struggles, these conflicts, and then we often blame the reaction for causing the problem.

Absolutely, the Bible shapes everything I think and believe, including my politics, but here’s the deal. We all need to get so secure, so convinced of the reason, the legitimacy, the material evidence of the truth of our convictions, that you don’t need to bring a Bible along to hit people with, as if God Himself validates everything you think you know.

Because that is totes uncool. Rather then lifting the scales from anyone’s eyes, rather then convincing anyone your arguments are sound, rather than winning over hearts and minds to your views, you simply alienate people from faith, from this God they barely know anyway.