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Just for the record there are people subjected to injustice in the world, there are people who become the bug on someone else’s windshield. In that sense there are “victims.”

However, we have now totally divided our world up into two classes, the oppressed and the oppressors. The oppressed are persecuted victims and the oppressors are bad guys. From there we proceed to defend the oppressed and to squash the oppressors because we’re good people, right? Battle lines are now drawn and it’s off to the races.

We do this on-line and we do this with everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. People who don’t like kale must be squashed because they are oppressing vegans everywhere. Doesn’t matter what the issue is, what the subject, we’ve been taught to zero in on everything and perceive it within this framework.

There’s a local story in our paper I shall not link to, but basically some kids stole this guy’s “blue lives matter” flag. So he chased them down, retrieved his flag, and an assault must have occurred, because the cops arrested him.

I kind of just laughed because, you know why we don’t go on someone’s private property and steal their stuff? Because they might be having a bad day and decide to beat you up. Seems pretty self explanatory to me.

Guess these kids learned that truth the hard way.

But of course they’ve now arrested the victim of this theft for committing an assault which is probably pretty reasonable, too. Apparently his wife was trying to get him to restrain himself and he chose to ignore her, so you know, ignore your wife’s good advice, go to jail. Seems reasonable to me too.

Extra credit points for failing to let the “blue lives who matter” whose honor you were defending, come and do their job. That added some additional irony to the whole tale.

As far as I am concerned there are no victims here, no oppressed/ oppressor framework in which to perceive this incident and man the battle stations. It’s more like, oh well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Of course we live in upside down world where being sensible isn’t even allowed, and we MUST perceive EVERYTHING through that lens of find the victim and kill the bad guy! It is practically mandatory to identify the oppressor and to go to bat for the victim. So of course all these heated discussions on social media have been going on, the vast majority of them insisting these “kids,” these nearly grown teen agers who entered a man’s private property and stole his stuff, are now innocent victims….of a child abuser.

Oh good grief.

That phenomenon, that tendency to perceive everything through a worldview lens of “the oppressed versus the oppressor”, and to then make an emotional rush to judgement is why Beth Moore falsely condemned those Covington kids who she thought were mocking a Native American man. That same insistence on perceiving everything through that lens of “oppressed versus oppressor” is why the Adam Haner story about the guy beat up in Portland by BLM has gone viral. Don’t get me wrong here, he did not deserve what happened to him, but some people have practically turned him into a martyr, seemingly unaware he is also a BLM protestor.

And we could say a great deal of unrest and protests in our country right now were sparked by a worldview lens of “oppressed versus oppressors” and the mandatory righting of wrongs without even having yet heard the evidence.

It will do me no good to say this, but try not to perceive everything you read or hear about through that lens of, “oppressed versus oppressor,” as if you are a white knight that must come to the defense of those allegedly being persecuted. It almost always creates a more grave injustice, one often ruled by the passionate emotionalism of a mob that totally blinds us to the truth.

All in good humor here, I hope everyone realizes I know these things because wisdom comes from experience, from having crashed into that wall enough times to now feel qualified to point out, Hey, guess what?? There’s a big wall over there!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com