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I just thought this was quite shallow and a bit funny. Lord knows I really need to focus on something shallow and slightly amusing right now, so like manna from heaven up pops Tomi Lahren and her 15 minute public service announcement (or rant) pretty much declaring men are trash. All of them.

Tomi, for those who don’t know, is a nice looking, 27 yr old American conservative political commentator and former television host. Here’s a link to the whole sordid tale.

Fortunately not all women are shallow, totally self absorbed creatures, seeking only to date themselves. Ha! But I digress.  Speaking of which, long ago I watched this video of a guy who died and thought he went to heaven because he was married to someone just like him.  It was a paradise for a few days and then he realized he was actually in hell, condemned to spend eternity with himself.

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Very creepy tale! The moral of that story is that opposites often attract, that frequently God doesn’t give us the spouse we want, He gives us the spouse we need. Those are tough words to swallow in a world full of things like abuse and divorce. I don’t want to pour salt on any of those wounds, but it’s still truth. Something that has really helped me is the realization that God is in the business of making saints. Sometimes we approach relationships more  like we are shopping for accessories, rather then seeking someone who will probably force us to grow.

Who among you has not just had a complete meltdown, an epic, “that’s it, that’s it, all men are trash, somebody fetch me a giant catapult!” Well, I certainly have anyway. I love crazy women who snap and say what they feel. Also, no doubt half the country and several men’s right’s groups are currently attacking Tomi right now, with some justification, but  I see no reason to jump into the fray. I’d much rather give her a hug and high five.

That said, we need to be exceedingly careful with those “all’s”  Every single one. All of them. It’s actually lazy, avoidant, thinking. It tends to depersonalize our pain and help us avoid dealing with our own personal issues. It keeps us trapped. It’s a form of captivity. For our own mental and spiritual health and well being, try to change those “all’s,” to a “I feel frustrated…” or “I need.” “I need” can be a real challenge for many women because we tend to be focused on what other’s need. Even in Tomi’s video she quite comically switches right over to “I’m going to help you guys out! You know what men need?” Don’t do that. Personalize the problem. Forget them. What do you need in this situation?

Also, repent and intercede! Take it to the Lord, not to You Tube! He can fix anything. 


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I once got tangled up in this drama between some nurses, some administrators, a bunch of women basically, and went off stomping mad, muttering, “Women, I hate them all, every last one.” Then I sat down on this bench right next to this guy who went, “I know! Me too!” And so we sat their venting about how awful women are until we started laughing at the foolishness of it all.

That was one of those mysterious, chance encounters, that can be so good for your soul, so healing. Also, he was quite literally the trashman,  the guy who collects our garbage, which just so happens to fit into my story quite well.