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I love that word, “encouraged.” It means to give support, hope, and confidence to someone or to “stimulate confidence.” In a literal sense of word definitions it means to, “return to courage.”

I am actually feeling quite encouraged at the moment. A bit amusing, but somebody smart who is familiar with the dark nature of gallows humor has reminded me that when one is trapped behind enemy lines, this is good news! It means, there is an enemy and there are some lines!

Chuckling here, but seriously, one must be grateful for small favors, for the crumbs of goodness that come our way. Things could always be so much worse! When one feels as if they are trapped behind enemy lines, be grateful there is an enemy and there are some lines.

So, I am encouraged because covid-19 seems to be moving through our population, infecting younger people and producing  a much lower death rate. We can argue all day about the benefits (or not) of herd immunity, but regardless of our opinions on the matter, it is happening  right before our eyes, with or without our approval. This can really help to protect our elders and immune compromised people too, so it’s a marvelous design playing out exactly as it does.

I am also encouraged on the drug front, specifically the work being done to keep meth, heroin, and fentanyl out of our country and to stop the criminal enterprises and corruption that goes along with it. While everyone has been obsessed with covid 19, some 70,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. Death is only one side effect, the destruction done to our families, our economy, our communities, is far reaching and profound. There has been some major investigations, arrests, and great work going on to stem the flow.

I am also encouraged by what is happening to Christians here in the West, grateful even. I am grateful that our persecution is mild, that our shaking is gentle enough to simply separate the wheat from the chaff. If you’ve ever tried to eat a mouthful of chaff, you’ll understand why this is such a good thing.

Indeed, there is an enemy and there are some lines, and this is exceedingly good news.

I am also really grateful that when the world gets really overwhelming I can just surrender all, raise my hands, and ask the Lord to fix it all. He does too, every time, for me personally anyway. Without fail, He gives me just what I need. In fact, He has a way of always knowing just what I need, long before I do.

I call that perfectly tailor made.


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