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catapult2So…..we are going to need to put this man on my giant catapult and just fling him off my field, fling him right out of my kingdom. He has seriously annoyed me. Begone, little man, begone.

Anthony Fauci recently blamed the country’s ineffective pandemic response on an American “anti-science bias.” He called this bias “inconceivable,” because “science is truth.”-link here

The silly article then proceeds to try to make the case that humans are hardwired to dismiss coronavirus facts that don’t align with our worldview. What an astounding accusation. Au contraire! They have it exactly backwards. I am actually struggling (and failing rather miserably) to incorporate this worldview into my understanding of science.

So, science is not “truth.” It wasn’t truth when science suggested sailors would fall off the edge of the Earth. It wasn’t “truth” when it laughed at people who dared to suggest there might be a microscopic world invisible to the human eye. It is simply a tool we use to observe and investigate the world around us! “Science” is a non sentient thing, a non entity, without personhood. Science contains about as much “truth” as a hammer. To speak of something like “the  hammer of truth” is a poetic metaphor, not a factual observation about the nature of hammers.

Science itself is deeply offended by all this science blasphemy, or it would be if it had any sentience of it’s own. Science itself doesn’t even want to be known as “truth,” because that perverts the very notion of “science” in the first place.

Pop culture “Science,” registered trademark, has convinced millions of young kids that they only have a few more years to live before rising sea levels and global warming kills us all.  Heck, this kind of “Science,” has tried to suggest that biological sex doesn’t even exist and which bathroom we use is a total social construct. This kind of “Science” has been placing feminine hygiene products in the men’s room so non binary and transgendered people will feel supported during their menstrual cycles! This kind of “Science” decided to lobotomize and sterilize people and to conduct the Tuskegee experiments. It was the United States Public Health Service that thought it wise  to observe the natural progression of untreated syphilis on African-American men who were only told they were receiving free health care from the Federal government of the United States.

I don’t have the time or space to list all the well documented, well known historical reasons why people might have a totally unrepentant,  “anti-science bias” in America. The very real evidence of those horrors would fill volumes. The job of any public health service is to convince us why we should place any trust in you at all.

An “American anti science bias” is not “inconceivable,” it is healthy bias to have, one based on history, observation, wisdom, and science. I am not the least bit surprised by American anti science bias, I am rather appalled that there isn’t more of it going on! Science does not demand your unquestioning  compliance and submission, it never has!  Science has never demanded anyone’s belief or submission. “Science” actually wants you to question it.

It is totally inconceivable to me that people today would actually place their faith in science while at the same time demanding peer reviewed, cross referenced, scientific data proving the existence of the One who said, I am the Way and the truth and the life. 

catapult3Why is Jesus “the way and the truth and the life” and not “science?” Because “science” is always heavily tainted by human sin, corruption, and politics, and it possesses all the moral and ethical capacity of a hammer.

There is absolutely no conflict between faith and religion at all, right up until the part where you start to demand that we unconditionally submit, leave our brains at the door,  and repent to the god of  “Science.”

Begone little man, begone.