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eagleSo listen, I don’t want to sound uncharacteristically somber and serious, nor do I want people to think I’m a total conspiratress. I am you know, I do love a good conspiracy theory. The problem being this isn’t a “theory,” it’s simply common sense. So, I just want to say, those who are waiting patiently for things to “get back to normal,” it ain’t happening. It ain’t going to happen.

Those who seem to believe if we just comply enough, just cooperate enough, just do everything they say, (wear your mask you idiot, so we can all open back up again) it ain’t going to happen.

If you’re waiting for covid 19 to go away, it aint going to happen either.  We could get down to no cases anywhere and there’s another “pandemic” right around the corner waiting for us. The media is already on it.

Government and public health officials are already trying to say we’re going to have to wear masks for years, certainly until we get a mandatory vaccine. Beside, flu season is coming this fall……

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Never in the history of ever has anyone in government voluntarily relinquished power over others that they have managed to attain. The only way to get our freedom back is to stop playing the game, stop the charades, and  stop buying into the fear. We have to say “no,” and we have to say it somewhat collectively. None of this can continue without our consent.

I’m pleading with Christians who are just sitting there quietly accepting a ban on singing in church. C’mon on people, some part of you knows this is not okay. The power of life and death is in our tongues, it says that in the Bible. If we believe those words, if the singing we do actually means something, then we have to realize that shutting down churches, mandating we all wear masks, and telling us it’s too dangerous to sing our praises, are all huge red flags.

I’m pleading with everyone who has ever felt the “benevolent” hand of government, anyone who still carries trauma from those experiences. C’mon people, we all know what this is. It smells just like history trying to repeat itself. It’s a power play.

We flattened the curve! Heck, we shut down unused field hospitals and laid people off from our hospitals. We did not get our freedom back. We shut our businesses down,  we bought the hand sanitizer, we put on the masks, and we stayed home and we still did not get our freedom back. It aint going to happen. Freedom once taken is not something you just “get” back. There will be no passively sitting around and waiting for our freedom to be politely returned to us once we’ve met all the requirements.

We met the requirements. So they just moved the goal posts. They will continue to do so.

riverWe aren’t going to “get” our freedom back, like it will just be passively and nicely  returned to us based on our compliance. That is a big lie, a total deception, and has never happened anywhere, in the history of ever. Frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed people still believe that. Not even God Himself, and He is Holy, just, and perfect, just “gives” us freedom. He may open the door to our prison, tear down the walls, and coax us out, but even then we have to walk out under our own steam. Or crawl. Whatever works. The point being, it is extremely rare we ever get anything without first opening our hand and reaching out for it.

Jan 22, 2020 is when all of this began in my state. We are going on seven months now!  7 months. A quarantine is for the sick, not the healthy, and it should last about two weeks. To quarantine the healthy is simply tyranny.

Such notions often put me at odds with friends, family, even some churches. The problem being, I know I’m right, I know that everything I see points in the direction I am observing. We get our freedom back when we stop voluntarily consenting to hand it over. That easy, that simple.

Happy Independence Day!