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Dear Public Health Officials,

ductThe best thing you can do at this point, during these “unprecedented times,” is to mask up. Yep, go find yourself some duct tape and fix the leak. Everything that comes out of your mouth at this point, just destroys the public trust and spreads fear and hysteria.

In case you need a reminder, fear and hysteria is more contagious than any virus and kills more people then any disease every will. For the good of the nation and the health and well being of others, please just shut the heck up. You are doing far more harm then good.

Remember in the olden days when, “first do no harm” actually mattered? Good times! I have fond memories. Obviously we now seem to believe those are “outdated principles.” Well, resurrect them! Pull them out of the closet, dust them off, and avail yourselves of some duct tape. It comes in pretty colors now too, so you can actually wear some “Hello Kitty” duct tape if you like.

The point being, you really need to just shut the heck up. The words that are coming out of your mouths are convoluted, contradictory, and biased. Also, extremely irresponsible! When you try to practice social engineering and social control by promoting nonsense like, “people who don’t wear masks are selfish and want you to die,” the lowest common denominator in society hears your words without a filter. He is the guy who goes into a store and throws a case of bottles at the clerk because he doesn’t like how her mask is resting.

I am assuming you are just incredibly stupid rather than deliberately malevolent. I may be the one who is incredibly stupid here, but I am willing to take that risk in order to give you the benefit of the doubt. Just please, for the love of all that is good and golden, stop speaking. Stop issuing directives. Stop trying to feel powerful. Stop sharing your personal opinions. And for crying out loud, stop the fear mongering.ย  It’s ugly, irresponsible, and unprofessional.

You mask up. Shut your pie hole! Stop telling people to rat out their neighbors. Stop sowing division. Stop telling people how to turn in and report local businesses and get them shut down. Stop the fear mongering.ย  Just stop. STHU.