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A bunch of people are unhappy with my post, “Do you know what really killed George Floyd?”  Spoiler alert here, but addiction killed him. 

So I’m just going to double down and say it again, addiction killed him. It isn’t about fault, blame, and the worth of a life, of course his life had great value and it mattered. But addiction comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. Addiction doesn’t “care” if your life matters.

I know this because people whose lives mattered to me have been killed because of their addiction.

Some people through absolutely no fault of their own were robbed, murdered and set on fire. They weren’t even addicts, but you know what? Addiction still killed them.

Friend of mine was murdered by her husband. You know what really killed her? His addiction.

A local kid was killed by the cops in Seattle. You know what got him killed? Addiction.

Several years ago some gals I went to school with laid down in the middle of the highway in dark clothing and got run over and killed. You know what killed them? Addiction.

A friend of mine, someone I cared about very much, blew his head off long ago. You know what killed him? His addiction.

Another friend of mine also shot herself. You know what got her killed? Her addiction.

My grandmother was shot in the head and murdered after picking up some hitchhikers. Their addiction got her killed.

Not long ago someone I know overdosed in the parking lot of a hospital. His addiction killed him.

A while back a woman riding a bike got hit by a car and killed. What really killed her? Her addiction, twice over because the driver also had addiction issues.

For some reason this is really controversial where I live and has been for some time. I actually get to say the most ridiculous things like, “heroin and meth will kill you.” And people will actually rebuke me, they will say to me, “I don’t think that’s really fair the way you are so judgmental.” People just have mental health issues…. People are just self medicating…. It’s a lifestyle choice…. Not all drugs are bad!… Cops just need to stop the violence….. It’s racism, it’s oppression, it’s the economy, the system is screwed, the deck is stacked, etc, etc.

All those things may be true, but none of that changes the fact that addiction gets people killed. It is the greatest public health threat this nation has ever faced. More people have died from drug over doses than died during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. More people have died in a very short span of time from addiction then died in the entirety of the Vietnam war. More people have died of addiction just in the US, then have died globally  from covid 19. Heck, more people have died from drug overdoses in my town, than have tested positive for covid! Here locally, covid has killed nobody. Every last person has recovered.

Not true of addiction.

I have a lot of grief, a lot of anger, a lot of frustration, a lot of suffering that comes from watching people die, and from being forced to stand by kind of helplessly on the sidelines, watching this totally invisible epidemic, steal, kill, and destroy, for decades. Year after year after year, and my grief in this community has often been met with complete indifference.

It’s a whole lot sexier, a whole lot more politically correct, a whole lot more culturally relevant, a lot more popular to yell about racist cops, systemic systems, greedy politicians, to blame anything and everything for the cause of people’s misery and suffering, but drugs.

So I don’t wish to hurt any feelings or offend anyone, but my wounds matter, my suffering matters, my life matters. Watching this community completely ignore those I care about, for years, while hysterically running about donning masks to prove how much they allegedly “care” about their neighbor during covid is just like pouring salt in that wound.

I don’t believe you, because all the decades of not caring, decades of complete indifference is now deeply embedded in my soul.

George Floyd would never have broken in and robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint if it weren’t for his addiction. George Floyd would never have gone to prison if it weren’t for his addiction. George Floyd would never have terrorized a clerk with a counterfeit 20 dollar bill and stole a pack of cigs if it weren’t for his addiction. George Floyd would not have remained in the parking lot with his group of friends, after he was told to leave and the police were called, if it weren’t for his addiction.

Not one  single person on social media or in my local community cared one whit about George Floyd or even knew his name when he was just shooting fentanyl tainted heroin and snorting meth. Not one single person cared…….until they thought it might be advantageous for them to do so, and they were invited to partake in the exploitation of his death for their own gain.

If any of you had encountered George Floyd a day before the media made him famous you would not have cared one bit about him. You would have either rolled your eyes and muttered something about “tweakers,” or you would have rendered him completely invisible with your indifference, or you would have called the cops hoping to get him cleared out of your path, to.


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And some of you probably would have been quite happy to just sell him some more meth or heroin and line your own pockets…..

So, you can just put away all the self righteous moralizing and endless virtue signaling. I ain’t buying it. If you think my opinions are “crass and racist,” then go find someone who will tickle your ears and tell you what you want to hear.