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orc2“Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, vowed to revise the idea of inherently evil “races” such as orcs in its popular fantasy game”link here

So I’m going to just stomp my feet here and insist that orcs are inherently evil. Orcs are bad. There is no such thing as a cute and cuddly orc. In fact, let’s take it a step farther, orcs aren’t even human. Worse yet, they aren’t even real.

Also bad, vampires. Yep, any undead blood sucking demonic thing is going to be evil. We do not need to accommodate the feelings of zombie predators whose sole purpose is to either smash you over the head with a giant axe or drain the blood from your body. Either way, we don’t have to be fair, we don’t have to be nice, and we don’t have to try to think of all the hapless orc babies who can’t help but be born the way they are.

If you wish to write a story called, “The Very Friendly Orc,” you are free to go for it. Attempting to force everyone else into perceiving Orcs as good not matter how they behave, is actually evil in it’s own right.

Believe it or not what I am saying here is actually controversial. It’s not politically correct. In fact, vampires are now in the Twilight Zone enjoying the moral ambiguity of 50 Shades of Grey. And Orcs are vowing to revise the negative perception people might have of them.

No word yet on whether or not the orcs are going to actually change their behavior, maybe stop roasting people alive and trampling on  small villages. I am just crazy enough to think that their behavior is part of the reason why they have the public relations orcproblem they do. I’m sure that now makes me an orc-a-phobe or something.

So you know what this kind of stuff does? It makes you crazy.  I am insanitybytes for a reason, mostly because living in the 9th circuit of hell really bytes and it will make you crazy.