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“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the number of coronavirus infections in the United States could be 10 times higher than reported, totaling over 20 million cases. “Our best estimate right now is for every case reported, there were actually 10 other infections,” CDC Director Robert Redfield told reporters Thursday…….If the true case count is as high as Redfield said, that would mean the mortality rate is much lower than reported..”  link here

So like, have we been played, bamboozled, manipulated, exploited, and snookered? Deceived? Inconvenienced, terrorized, and threatened? Just asking, because these numbers don’t add up, and they have never added up.

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Also, in my state the mortality rate has remained pretty constant, meaning for the last ten years we’ve had a certain percentage of deaths, and now in the midst of an alleged pandemic killing absolutely everybody, those numbers have. not. moved. Have not moved! There should be a visible spike somewhere.

And, “Fatalities tied to the coronavirus have not increased at the same pace as new cases. Daily deaths over seven days have remained relatively stable. There were 702 new deaths reported on Wednesday and 778 on June 17. link here