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Washington State has now made mask wearing mandatory with 90 days in jail and a 1000 dollar fine.  Hoping that is soon challenged in court.

I’ve been told that the only reason why someone wouldn’t wear a mask is because they are selfish and irresponsible and just want people to die.

I’ve also been told the only reason why people refuse to wear masks is because they are “freedom loving Trump supporters.”  Chuckling here, but people actually say that as if being a “freedom loving Trump supporter” is some kind of shameful thing? I’m not the one trying to make mask wearing a partisan issue, but when people actually gleefully rub their hands together and say, “we’re going to force freedom loving Trump supporters to submit,”  all your squeals about “It’s Science” are now rendered null and void.

But besides all that nonsense, there are really good reasons for healthy people not to wear a mask!  There are even better reasons why certain groups should not be wearing masks at all. The deaf for instance, and even the elderly who are hard of hearing. They rely on seeing our facial expressions and reading our lips in order to communicate.

People who have restricted breathing and lung issues. My mother and my husband should not be in mask, ever. Hubby is healing up nicely, but my mother has shortness of breath after about 30 feet or so. To put a cloth over these people’s faces would be cruel and pointless.

People who have coordination issues or are engaging in activities that are distracting and require good visibility. Some of the elderly and most children, for example. A child on a bike wearing a mask actually bit the dust right next to my car the other day. He couldn’t see, his mask was sliding around, and he wasn’t paying attention. When you are outdoors, alone, riding a bike, a helmet is a far better idea then a mask.

People who engage in manual labor. It is one thing to wear a mask when you are sitting at a desk. It is an entirely different matter to wear a mask when you are digging  a ditch or climbing up and down a ladder. Absolutely not! I wish OSHA would get on this matter, because people are getting hurt already. It’s unhealthy for your body to be breathing heavily and forced to try to suck in air through a mask, but it can also make you dizzy and mess with your balance.  Falls are extremely dangerous.

Trauma victims.  Yep, people with PTSD who may have lost their airway at some point during a crime and may be prone to hyper ventilate. Like it or not there are lots of crime victims out there walking around in the world, people who have been strangled, choked, and had their mouths covered. They don’t let people casually put their hands over their face because it brings their trauma back to the surface and their body remembers.  Putting on a mask may be a mild discomfort to some, but to others it is about being smothered and revictimized. They have to try to negotiate traffic and obstacles while coping with trauma. Forcing those people into masks is cruel and dangerous.

Individual rights really matter, because we are all individuals,  so one size does not always fit all people.

The law actually agrees with me! There are some exemptions to this foolhardy power play I mean, this new mask mandate. The problem being, the general public is uniformed and prone to act like vengeful, vehement, karens. I’ve read quite a few comments from people who are now delighted and look forward to calling the cops every time they see someone not wearing a mask.

Those comments tick me off six ways past Sunday. So here is my contribution towards informing others of some of the complexity behind mask mandates and my plea to people to please try to practice compassion towards others and  to practice minding your own business.

Don’t be a useful idiot and make life harder then it needs to be.

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