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 “….it comes down to indifference. People are just kind of clueless and don’t know what the issues are. The toughest issue is going to be this misguided sense of individual rights, that people have a right to expose other people to infectious disease, which they don’t, or some kind of partisan identity,”

This is my public health dept yesterday, 4 months later, 4 months into this lockdown, gleefully rubbing their hands together and trying to figure out how to exercise more force, power, and control over people. They want a mask mandate complete with fines and misdemeanor charges.

So here’s the deal. First I am not “indifferent” nor am I “just kind of clueless.” Actually, that’s a really disrespectful accusation.

Second, my individual rights are not “misguided.” They are actually well protected by law in this country.

selective focus photography of white mask on brown table

Third, my alleged “partisan identity” is also protected free speech. Perhaps your constant framing of mandatory mask wearing as a matter of “partisan identity” is why people accuse you of trafficking in made up pseudo science. Clearly masks are now no longer about public health and safety at all, they are all about forcing people to wear YOUR partisan identity on their faces.

So, no. Not playing this game, not just kind of clueless, and not buying what you’re selling hidden behind the guise of “science.”