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man holding ice cream cone under cloud

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Who is an emotional eater? I am, apparently! This strikes me as somewhat amusing because I honestly had no idea. Generally I  eat healthy, I’m pretty active, and I manage stress well, but this quarantine hit, this lockdown went into effect, they stuffed me into mask, cut my hours at work, and the world just went totally mad. Doesn’t help that we were locked up in our houses for months, and the only thing we were actually allowed to do was go to the grocery store or go get take out food. Well, we could go get food, or go to the pot store, pharmacy, liquor store, or vape store.

At least we know the supply lines for addiction are always open….

So this frustration, this slow burning anger has been plaguing me, and several times I’ve thought, You know, I should really just wipe you right off my planet, but I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to walk away and go have some ice cream.

It seems like I mostly eat when I’m angry. Be a lot healthier if I could just choke the crap out of people who get on my nerves, but society tends to frown on that sort of thing.

But……God is so good to me! Seriously, a couple of times I actually thought, I’m not even hungry but I’m going to just eat this anyway, and the Lord whispered, “Yes you are hungry! You’re starved……for Me.”  Laughing here, because that sounds kind of romantic and I suppose it is! It certainly got my attention. My point however, is that it was a great revelation. You’re eating because you’re starved, hungry, famished, in need of sustenance…… just not that kind sustenance. Which is so true! Have you ever eaten everything in the house and yet nothing satisfies?

I began by saying, “my emotional eating strikes me as somewhat amusing because I honestly had no idea.” This is not a blight, a trauma, or an aggravation, this is delightful! God is so kind to me! I want to celebrate what he just taught me. It’s really cool.

I’m starved………for Him. 

Now here’s what just boils my bonnet, politically correct, virtual signaling, perpetual aware, victim culture. I just had this amazing experience with the Lord and I’ve already lost five pounds. Can I just say that? No! No you can not. Well, I can say anything I want on my blog, but on the ground I got hit with, why are you fat shaming people? Ya know, women shouldn’t be defined by their weight. Why are you perpetuating negative stereotypes? Do you know anything about eating disorders? You look fine the way you are! It’s okay to gain weight! You really shouldn’t talk about stuff like that, you might make someone feel bad.

You. Might. Make. Someone. Feel. Bad.

Boy, did those words really get me. THAT is what is wrong with our world right now. Nobody, absolutely nobody can make you “feel bad” without your permission. I am sick and tired of walking on eggshells, forced to take care of everyone else’s feelings. We aren’t creating “a more empathetic society,” we’re nurturing dysfunction and unhealthy codependency.

The next time I have a choice between ice cream and I should really just wipe you right off my planet, be forewarned because I may not be reaching for the ice cream…..