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This kind of irked me, ruffled my feathers, provoked my druthers.  Kevin DeYoung at the Gospel Coalition writes, “It’s Time for a New Culture War Strategy.”

There are numerous things in this article to object to and to kick around so I actually prayed about it, asked the Lord what He thought, and promptly went to bed. The Lord is just full of surprises, isn’t He? What’s the worst part about this article? Not the parts that offended me personally, but what did I really sense God calling my attention to? The very first sentence, first 7 words really, “It’s been a year of bad news….” 

Well now, that just kind of smacks of ingratitude, doesn’t it? A complete lack of thankfulness. Also, a bit of self-righteous judgy-ness. Kind of short sighted, too. Also, a sweeping generalization based on nothing more than moral relativism and a totally subjective perception. Who are you to decide what is “bad” and what is “good,” in the long game, in the overall picture which you can not even see? And it also reveals a totally defeatist attitude, a “poor me” stance.

Oh, Woe is me, it’s been such a year of bad news…what is the world even coming too. The end is nigh….come quickly Lord Jesus, help me escape this vale of tears. Pffftt! That is totally unacceptable.

I have had a great year, a fabulous year, an amazing year, full of good news, The Good News.  A bunch of struggle, grief, pain, and strife too, but just an amazing year. And that is the root of the problem right there, why are we getting our “news” from the world?? Of course it’s all “bad news,” that’s how you sell articles! Click bait! We wouldn’t even read it if it wasn’t sure to fill us with dread and loathing. We people just love our dread and loathing! Why? I really don’t know, the Bible calls us “peculiar.” It just is what it is.

If you have had such a year of “bad news,” then immerse yourself in the Good News, the news that Jesus brought us.

So, the Lord made it quite clear to me that the biggest problem in this article was in the first 7 words, the propensity we have for Christian whining, complaining, and being defeatist. I’ve sensed that truth from Him before, probably because I am such a whiner myself. Just the same, running about declaring,  “it’s been such a year of bad news,” when God knows perfectly well we are the ones who control the vertical and the horizonal,  we are the ones who get to write the story,  is a big no-no.

Duly noted, Lord. We were made for such a time and this and we are thankful for it, excited and enthusiastic, even. Woo hoo!

The part of the article that annoyed me personally was, just have more babies and take them to Target. I think the idea here is to increase the kingdom by just running Christian babies off on a kind xerox machine. Indoctrinate them all and you’ll soon have a herd of mini me’s running about who think like you, vote like you, and support all the same things you do.

Bahahaha! After I stopped laughing wryly, knowing full well our children are not really our children, they are God’s children,  and prone to eventually make their own choices,  I realized that is a really lousy strategy for building the kingdom.

I come from atheism whereas a good chunk of evangelical kids flee the faith as teens and college kids. So you see, here I am falling madly in love with Jesus more and more everyday while many who were drug to Target, seem to be now heading for the hills.

Kevin gets even worst, “The future belongs to the fecund.” Oh brother! Whatever possessed you to write such a sentence?  Good grief. “Fecund” actually  means “fruit,” not necessarily “babies.” A tree is fecund when it produces apricots. Babies are not apricots! God did not actually say, “be fecund and multiply.” He did not say,  “the fruit of the spirit…… are these quintuplets.” Babies are not inter-changible with bags of produce. Also, dragging babies to Target does not build strong Christians.

Sigh. While parents are important, we seem to forget that God Himself has a say in the matter. That a relationship with Him is a two way relationship. I know this on account of the fact that He and I have had some custody battles. Like, I think my kids are “my kids,” and He seems to think they are really His kids.

Spoiler alert, they really are His kids. 

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Have all the babies you like, just don’t think that having kids is how you win some kind of culture war because you’re actually just raising soldiers who by proxy are now condemned, sentenced, pressed into service to fight all of YOUR unresolved issues. Not God’s battles, your battles. That is actually a generational curse inflicted on the innocent and it’s part of the reason why so many grow up and flee the faith entirely.