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floral ceramic cup and saucer above open book

I wish to proudly declare I was a member of Cancel Culture before Cancel Culture was even cool. I have credentials and everything, well, I have scars anyway.

I am chuckling here, this is not a pity party. I’ll host a pity party on another day and we shall have tea and crumpets, perhaps some whine and pink roses.

It seems as if everybody is canceling everything right now, including statues and tee-shirts. Even Elmer Fudd’s rifle has gotten itself canceled! Me, I just called it good and canceled the whole culture itself years ago, but wutever.

Indeed, Cancel Culture makes me laugh partially because I’ve never had enough privilege to “cancel,” but that has not stopped anyone from trying!  I kid you not, I once spent an entire month walking around muttering and just responding to people by saying,  I want my carrot.

You know what calling me crazy, delusional, hateful, and threatening me with a loss of social status feels like? A Monday. You can’t threaten to take away my carrot, when you have neglected to give me any carrots in the first place! I want my darn carrot.

My hubby once cheered me up immensely. I was all in a complete dither, “Mean people are threatening to make my life totally miserable and ruin my reputation!” And hubby was like, “What reputation?!” I would have thumped him but he said it innocently enough, with no guile at all, just genuine confusion. As if to say, but our lives are already miserable! What could anyone possibly do?

He had me there.

There is actually some great wisdom in that darkly humorous truth. I suppose it is much more challenging, Cancel Culture much more effective, if you have some relationships to preserve, some connections to protect, or perhaps some virtue to signal.

It was Janis Joplin who once sang, Freedom’s Just Another Name for Nothing Left to Lose. Well there you go. Before you go canceling people, make sure you’ve provided a good carrot they fear losing.

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on in the world right now and something that keeps falling out, is how many idols we’ve built to other things that are so flimsy, so unimportant, so silly.  Status, reputation, keeping up appearances, the masksclose up photo of macarons on plate we wear.

Don’t even get me started about masks. Nope, not going there….

Hand your virtue (or obvious lack thereof) over to Jesus and just cancel the whole culture. He is the path to peace and happiness.