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This pastor I am fond of likes to say, supernatural, God’s “super” imposing on your “natural.” I love that description.

I sometimes tell the story of how it is as if God put His hands over my eyes for many years, like one might cover a child’s eyes when you drive by a car accident. You don’t need to see this kid, seeing this will serve no good purpose. So as a result I got very rooted in the material, the tangible, the natural. I erected some good walls too, built some moats with alligators in them. The Super was not imposing anything on my natural. The idea of the supernatural didn’t even exist. Way too scary…

That’s a good thing in the sense that if you don’t believe in the supernatural then you don’t have to believe in darkness, evil forces, or anything demonic, either. Makes me laugh, I like to imagine how frustrated and deflated the enemy must have felt trying to get my attention for decades and I was like, Huh, I see nothing there? I don’t believe in anything “supernatural,” so you just don’t exist. Not my problem.

And the enemy really is not our problem, in the sense that he has been defeated, conquered, that in the shadow of the Almighty he has no power over us at all. Zip, zero, zilch…..

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The problem being, many people do as I did, erect a wall,  build a moat full of alligators to keep the demons at bay, to keep the supernatural far away from us, but in the process we also block out the Lord, we block out heaven, we cut ourselves off from a lot of His power and goodness. If the supernatural doesn’t exist in our reality, then a relationship with Jesus just becomes an intellectual concept or an ideology or a theory.

Life is a whole lot more fun if you just open yourself up and allow God to impose Himself on your reality.